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  1. I never been this happy entering a Gucci boutique!
    I was enjoying my Dubai Shopping Festival sales,
    the boutiques in Dubai have just put their items on the sales shelf
    and it was just the 2nd day of the sale (you can imagine half of the stuff already gone!)

    I was amazed at what I found! It is probably a season back or so, I don't really remember
    but I am quite pleased with my purchase :smile:

    Quick reveal, I promise :smile:

  2. A beautiful Hysteria! I have always wanted a Hysteria bag and I think I did wait and got the best :biggrin:


    Matching flats, very cute! And a scarf (was not on sale though)

  3. oh, ayshaa - how nice - congrats !!
  4. BEAUTIFUL congrats!
  5. The hysteria is stunning! Congrats!
  6. congrats
  7. absolutely beautiful!
  8. O

    that hysteria is ridiculous! i am soo jealous! i didn't even know they came out with those colors!! i want them! lol... fuschia is my fave color ;) lucky lucky girl, congrats!
  9. Congratulations... what a lovely Gucci hand bag and shoe set!
  10. Congrats!!! Beautiful!
  11. Thank you everyone!! :biggrin:
    I am glad you guys liked it,
    I am so happy to share it with everyone,
    I haven't been here in ages!

    dizchik: Thanks hun! I never knew they made these either!
    I was so surprised, I love this material, there were hobo,
    top handles and such but it were all sold out the next day!
    The shoes and the bag were 50% off!
  12. Wow, that is such a great deal on your hysteria and matching flats, Ayshaaa! I wish that the Gucci boutiques here in the US had this set on sale right now. I would certainly break my purse ban if they did :graucho:
  13. Aww I know the feeling about sales, really! Back when I was in Bangkok, the sales were sooo nice and when I came back to Dubai, they barely had anything on sales, but now since the Festival, I got so many shoes, Prada, Gucci, CL and so on half it's original price!
  14. Oh my, I'd be in so much trouble if I ran across such great shoe sales on Prada, Gucci, and CLs :nuts: You'll have to post photos of your new Prada and CL shoes on the non-Gucci thread so that I drool over them - LOL.
  15. Wow.. congrats!!!!! They are stunning !! I did saw someone wearing the same color hysteria yesterday! But your matching set is TDF . I like the scarf too... and of course the sale price... lucky u!
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