OMG!!!! Sale alert at dillards!!!

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  1. Additional 30% reduced prices right now for dillards card holders. Coach included. I opened an account today and go the discount!!! I'm gonna have some explaining to do!!
  2. Mmm, no more credit cards for me, I do enough damage with my visa and Victoria's Secret! Thanks for posting though!
  3. If you go Wed-Sat you do not need a Dillards card to get the extra 30% off.
  4. :sigh:
    Why can't Oregon have a Dillards?!

  5. Be glad that they don't LOL! You still have cash in your pocket!
  6. I agree, be glad that you don't. I have some explaining/apologizing to do 0_o
  7. what happened to your Plum Francine? I've been looking for that bag..
  8. I saw it once in real life and couldn't afford it. It never was for me except in my dreams.
  9. If anyone spots a Large Poppy Spotlight in Licorice(black), please let me know. I have called several stores in several states this morning and they keep saying no Licorice.
  10. Just left! Scored a ton of goodies! My store had a ton of the Poppy book totes and Garnets in green and the bright pink!
  11. I don't have a Dillard's locally but I shop them online. The sale didn't appear to be for website orders. I did discover a sweet little deal though. The Brooke Op Art crossbody listed at $77 changes to $55 when you put it in your shopping bag. I didn't see that purse listed on their main page but found it as a suggestion when I was looking at one of the other Brooke's. I ordered a couple for gifts at that price!
  12. I went this afternoon and scored this total for a $105 including tax. This was a better price than what they had at the outlet and they also didn't have this color.

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  13. I went....and since I put myself on a (loose) bag ban, I picked up a few wristlets. hehe...I've gone wristlet crazy for the past week.
  14. Does anyone know if Dillard's does charge sends like Macy's? We don't have a Dillards in MD.
  15. My local Dillards will do a charge-send but unfortunately, they don't do charge-holds :confused1: :sad: