1. omg omg omg
    IM sooo excited, I just bought a black monogram large horsebit hobo
    from for a measely 648.00$ including s&h and tax!!!
    (original gucci price, 1200.00)
    and guess what?!? I GOT THE LAST ONE!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhh

    HURRY to NOW, all the gucci bags are going to be GONE in another few hrs, guaranteed!!!!!

  2. thanks for the heads up! I will be heading there tommorrow so I am writng down all the item numbers for my SA to search for. I am making my son open an account so we can get an added 10% discount with these savings! I will be in heaven!
  3. wow! that is some savings ! congrats! I wish Saks would ship world wide :sad:

    I love that bag!!
  4. ok, ive been sick in bed for 3 days, who is starting their sales tomorrow, Thursday..I will be one of those screaming housewifes pounding down the door b-4 they open. Thanks guys.
  5. Wow, I did some major speed shopping on their site! Their purse selection wasn't that impressive, IMO, but the RTW was great (for both men and women).

    I picked up a few Burberry shirts and a couple pairs of Gucci shoes for my dad (Father's Day:love: ) and some Hugo dress shirts for the BF.

    The sites starting to slow down, so HURRY!
  6. The site is extremely slow already
  7. Must be us ladies on it. :graucho:
  8. make sure u use SHOPMAY for an additional 10% off, but if you have used it before....u cant use it again. open a new account with a diff email/card and use it..thats how i got my gucci horsebit so cheap LOL
  9. The site is extremely slow.
  10. Their site SUCKS! There is no way their site should be crashing from their crummy little sale. No other store ever seems to have the same problem.
  11. Wow what a great deal on that horsebit! The site is driving me crazy though! It is ridiculous that such a large company has such a terrible website, maybe the head of their IT department is somebody's nephew, so they can't fire him.
  12. ^^ I was afraid of the site doing i stayed up until 3am to scower Saks and NMs knowing they would have a great sale..all the good stuff is gone now =) i had jetlag haha!

    cant wait until has there sale....the countdown has begun!
  13. The site is down..... :sad:
  14. I'm so excited I just ordered the purse that I had on hold at Neimans for over $160 less! More money for the Gucci sale! Although I've alredy ordered some shoes from the pre-sale. :blink:
  15. the site is sooooooooo slow