omg. :S i canNOT decide which fabric Speedy to get!!

  1. If I were you, I would get the damier first bc it is so low maintenance...very nice esp. heading into winter:smile:

    Add the mono at a later date??
  2. Mono is my first from my DH..still love it...must have..
    I love it because it has nice patia already..

    you will know which one call your name in the store..I love my damier speedy too by the way..
  3. damier all the way! :yes:
  4. the mono looks so much better to me.. but the damier is so much more practical... *sigh*
  5. Go for mono...especially if it your first LV.
  6. Will this be your first speedy? If so, then I say go with the Damier, because it is such a low maintenance bag. I have them both. I love the mono so much, because I see on the celeb. pics page how it will look once it patinas. I love the damier because I can literally throw it around and be pretty rough with it and it shows no damage. Plus, the damier has that gorgeous red lining. They are both great in a lot of ways, the drawbacks of each I would say are: mono--vachetta leather is sensitive to the elements. Damier--not as easily recognizable as LV, if that matters to you.
  7. LOL!!! I was in the same boat before. I was set on getting a Damier Speedy 25, then I saw this thread and the mono pics in the Visual aids thread, it totally changed my mind. I decided to go for the Mono Speedy 25, but by the time I got to LV to buy it, they sold out! Grrr...
  8. Since it will be your first Speedy, I say chose the Monogram because it is an "ICON" according to LV. I think it is a staple for any LV collection. However, you did just purchase a cabas piano so that may be too much of the monogram print for you at this time.

    Do you really want it now?
  9. what do you mean do i really want it now? of course i really want it now! lol :drool:
  10. You'll know as soon as you see them in the mirror!
  11. mono is def a must have! go for itttt
  12. :Push: oh crap. lol this 'mono or damier' debate can go on for eons... i've decided to get the damier. i already have a mono piano bag.

    besides, it starts raining here in a couple of days. i wanna be able to tote around my new purchase and not worry! :smile:
  13. Great that you have decided! You won't go wrong with either, they are both gorgeous! :P
  14. Damier! : )