OMG!!! Rouge '05 city!!! GORGEOUS!!!

  1. My goodness that is gorgeous! Good luck DancingQueen.
  2. I think I know someone who really wants this....Mas...where are you????
  3. Omg...that is so beautiful...but I just got a Rouge Vif Day...
  4. Thanks for posting Zac! This bag is such a beauty... Thanks for the compliments ladies! =)
  5. I Love This Bag.
  6. Love it! Good luck!
  7. :drool:
  8. how much is that in USD ?
  9. I thinks it's $1300.
  10. Oh boy :drool: Great bag :drool: LOVE :drool:
  11. Someone here really should buy's a beautiful bag and Dancing_Queen is a delight to buy from (I know - I bought my greige city from her!)
  12. Agreed that someoen should buy this - I had my first ever IRL sighting of an authentic bbag on someone today and it was an 05 rouge vif city! SO gorgeous!
  13. Aww thanks for the compliments ladies. And Tina my love, it's been a pleasure knowing you. =)
  14. I'm so surprised no one bought this smooshy beauty?
    ahh I *wish* I could do red. :shrugs: