OMG ROFL bodysuits are back!!

  1. I don't know if any of you remember, atleast the ones in their 20's and thirties should remember BODYSUITS. I went into Express yesterday and they had them! I called all of my friends, laughing my bum off, and everyone of them screamed, "NOOOOOOOOOOO!" :roflmfao: With the leggings, the skinny jeans, and the bodysuits, I don't know how much more bad fashion repeats I can take.
  2. Man, as soon as I saw leggings coming back I knew bodysuits couldn't be far behind. Gah! I never liked those things. I had one bodysuit that I think I wore twice before I decided it wasn't worth it. I'm sure it looked awful on me, too. What was I thinking?
  3. Arghhh! I certainly do remember them. I think I am going to pass on this repeat as well as the skinny jeans. Next thing we know- we are going to be rolling up our pants legs (remember that one from the 90s)?
  4. OMG.
    I feel SO. OLD.
  5. That was a staple in Donna Karan's first collection if I remember correctly! c. 1990ish? I'll pass.
  6. Never, in a million years will I wear a bodysuit! They're not back for me...ever!
  7. ACK!! :hysteric: That is one fashion repeat I won't be buying. The only thing bodysuits call to mind (besides bad fashion flashbacks) are wedgies.
  8. Oh no!!! LOL I cannot believe how many bad things are coming back. Ick!
  9. lol, the other day I was shopping and I saw a very cute top, I though "Ah, this is the perfect white shirt that I've been looking for." I could not find it anywhere in the store so I went back to inspect it and lo' and behold the thing was a friggin body suit. Yuck! I remember wearing these things when I was 10 thinking I was so fashionable, lol. (That was like 13 tears ago!)

    I'm also a bit tired of these old trends coming back. There must atleast be some nit so tacky trends of the past we could bring back if we had to bring back the old right? But, it seems to just be the really ugly stuff instead.

    Now that leggings and skinny jeans are back, I just know I'm going to see some stirrup pants soon, paired up with booties and scrunchy socks. ::Shudders:::
  10. don't forget LA Gear high tops with two laces in each shoe :lol: :yucky:

  11. Bodysuits were big in the early 90s.

    Even the ones that looked like a dress shirt on top, but they had a body suit bottom.
  12. OMG, i remember them too and i actually wore them too. whenever i looked at photos from those days, i now can't believe that i wore them (terrible style). i'd never wear them now....well, at least i was much slimmer back then :P hahaha...
  13. yikes!:yucky:
  14. They're good for layering though, I suppose. :shrugs:

    If one has nothing against wearing leggings and a lycra top, under a dress, I suppose one should have nothing against bodysuits.

    At least they cut down on the 'lines' and promote a smooth silhouette. :yes:

    I think the key to wearing bodysuits is probably wearing them in such a way that you can't tell that they are a bodysuit.

    Would look good if worn with a short sleeve sweater dress, or tunic.

    Not sure how you go to the bathroom in one, though?! :wtf:

  15. Not (Marc Jacobs)! :lol: