Omg!!! Reunited with my h.g.!!!!

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  1. thanks jenni i cant wait to go out today and wear her lol. shes so heavy i kinda forgot. need to get in shape!
  2. Would this be a match?
  3. yes i believe so. the tag i got with it looks like that but is more gold.
  4. What a beauty!! Congrats!!!
  5. now i need to do a group shop to show the other 3 new babies i got to replace the gigi and purple garnet lol.
  6. wowww your lily is beautiful.... I wish I could carry somethinh that heavy:P
  7. i have alexa and kira but i swear lily takes the cake!!!
  8. She sure is gorgeous. Congrats to you.
  9. congrats! can't wait to see your replacements! you got rid of purple garnet! lots of peeps are looking for that bag!
  10. You should get LouisLover in on this thread, I know he's replaced hang tags on some of the bag's he's owned... he had a brass one on his as many of the other owners also have....

    Maybe he can help you out? or some of our other Fob fanatics?

    I know he and others reported that they get the oxidation on the brass too (the green stuff), which I've seen on some of my Legacy items, so be sure to be looking out for it just in case! Some others have reported oxidation as well, but don't send it in to Coach, I hear you don't get it back repaired!
  11. OT- but i noticed this oxidation w/ my whiskey ali- what is it exactly?
    is it a bad thing?
    i just took a baby wipe and cleaned it all off...
  12. Wow, that is one beautiful bag, congrats!
  13. I forget the official term, verdigris?
    It's where brass is exposed to the elements if not sealed properly... and turns when exposed to moist air. Mostly it's when the seal on the brass rubs or wears off. Some have used Brasso to fair results, but nothing can prevent it unless it's re-sealed properly.
  14. thanks for the info bunny! and yes ghall i know it was a gorgeous color but i already have it in mahogony so i figured it was more practical of the 2
  15. Well worth waiting for.... Great find...