Omg!!! Reunited with my h.g.!!!!

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  1. Hey ladies as some of you know i had this bag before and let her go due to defects. after a while i let the idea go of replacing her due to the lack of funds and the hunt. well lately i have been getting rid of a few things here and there and had some money saved up. i was talking to lovely tpfer and found out she had a practically brand new one. my h.g. she wanted to let her go,and to a good home. so i am so excited to reveal my new beauty!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  2. come home Heidi lets see
  3. let's see the new beauty!!!
  4. okay loadin pics now!!!
  5. any guesses?
    lily reveal (2) resize.jpg lily reveal resize.jpg
  6. legacy????
  7. yep its legacy for sure!!!!
  8. Legacy Satchel or Mandy???
  9. Show it!!! :biggrin:
  10. Walnut XL Lily!
  11. heres her creed!
    lily reveal (16) resize.jpg
  12. gigi
  13. Not GIgi for sure....
  14. lol you girls have good guesses! im not good at drawing out reveals here she is!!!!
    lily reveal (12) resize.jpg lily reveal (14) resize.jpg
  15. she doesnt have regular hang tag so i "borrowed" one from a bleeker hobo that never gets used!