Omg Really Really bad....Perle Agenda

  1. Okay, right after posting the sales tax thread, my fedex guy came to work and had a box for me which is my Perle agenda and 07 refills from Neiman Marcus in Las Vegas. The agenda was naked in the fedex box. NO LV box, NO dustcover, No nothing!!!! OMG!!!! The refills are fine, but last time, they also came in a real box. I have NEVER heard of paying $300.00 for an agenda without a box or LV cover... they didn't charge me sales tax btw, but whathafua... I think I might have to quit LV too, I'm not sure this is worth hassling over... but geesh louise.... guess my Neiman's bill will go down. The agenda is gorgeous....
  2. Well that bites...Louis is losing a lot of people:crybaby: due to poor management. I am sorry....
  3. Thanks. It DOES bite. If anything, Perle needs a dustcover really bad due to high susceptibility of color transfer. Guess I'll have to get on the phone with Neiman's, but not today.... not today.
  4. What is going on with LV?! They should know better!!!
  5. :wtf: that was bought brand new and arived that way ?
    :wtf: I would be on the phone and yelling.

    Years ago I purcahsed a suede kate spade from Saks and it arrived something like that and i was PISSED, i had them right on the phone and I've never shopped there again.

    I 'm sorry to hear about this ****ty service from LV:shrugs:

    but congra'ts on the new agenda.
  6. What was the agenda packaged in...a plastic bag? You get better packaging in Wal-Mart than that!
  7. You're right. Bag Fetish. Brand Spanking New, I should be yelling, but just don't have the energy today. Think I'll just chanel it into work and deal with it tomorrow (Friday right?) mutha.... (you know the rest); yes, it's gorgeous, but didn't make it a pleasant experience... such is life, I guess.... will yell tomorrow.
  8. :cursing: No, it was packaged in NOTHING!!! Literally, thrown in the Fedex box, with some tissue paper, worse than anything I've ever received from ebay....:cursing: And, yes, probably better at WalMart....
  9. That's terrible!!
  10. Hugs, sorry to hear. you're right deal with it tomorrow.
    Perhaps if you're close go into NM and deal with it there, try and get some freebies out of them :smile:
  11. damn what bad service! I would call them immediately, and have a go at them! Thats just plain careless, you paid $300 for ** sakes! Im pretty sure you deserve a dustbag and a box.. urghh! let us know how it goes!
  12. Thanks newaddiction, I need to hear that. I do deserve at least that.... 300 smackaroos for toilet paper wrap....crappola...
  13. Wow, I can't believe that they would ship it like that!
  14. That's really crappy.. vernis is supposed to come with a dustbag as it's more delicate. I'd phone em up and complain when you're up to it !
  15. Wow!!! That's awful! I would definitely call them up and complain!