OMG! Really cheap Matelasse on Diabro! :)

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  1. thanks MarieG for let us know!
  2. Thanks MarieG.. I purchased from Diabro my baby Paddy..and she is wonderful and authentic!! Now I'm very tempted to buy my first Balenciaga there because of their cheap prices..But I'm very scared because they sold a fake Fendi Spy..What do you think about???
  3. Thanks Marie!!! They have some great deals right now :yes:
  4. Thanks Marie - this is what makes TPF a great place!
  5. My pleasure, ladies!:yes::heart:
  6. modema, I'm not sure about Diabro's selling a fake Fendi Spy, but the Grenat Work that I purchased from them was definitely authentic. I've been really pleased with my dealings with Diabro, and would purchase from them again as soon as their prices lower on the items I want... :smile:
  7. I will not deal with them because of the way they are handling the fake Fendi Spy case. It is just baffling to me why they don't just buck up and take responsibility.
  8. i just bought a city from them recently and it's authentic, i'm still quite puzzled about the fendi incident, i'm wondering if they're the victims afterall??
  9. does the community recommend ordering a bbag via diabro? this just makes me nervous...i think seeing the bag IRL will be more assuring...

  10. I 2nd that!! someone please assure us ordering via diabro!! i got my eye on one. :P
  11. I got my GH Cafe City from them almost 2 months ago! It is 100% AUTHENTIC!!! No doubt about it!!! And I am going to order a BAL PT from them next week!! So if you are buying balenciaga from them, don't worry! It's authentic!!! :tup:
  12. Did you see that they had the fake Fendi pictured on their Japanese site, but the real one pictured on the US site (and promptly removed the fake pics when it was pointed out on that thread I reference above)? Regardless of whether or not they knew it was fake, they should at least do the right thing and refund the money to the customer who received the fake.

    I realize that most people have rec'd authentic goods from them, but the way they are handling this incident reveals very poor customer service (at the very least).
  13. I've only heard of positive experiences in the Balenciaga forum with Diabro so I think it is safe to buy from them!:yes:And the Metalasse bags are nearly 50% off retail, right?:tup: