OMG quick does a rose dragnee kelly sound good?

  1. As some know, I'm asking for a black box kelly 32cm with gh from my sa.

    She called to offer a 35cm (?) why 35cm I don't know. Rose dragnee swift with PH.

    I'm a bit afraid of this in a light colour.

    AND a 34cm Lindy swift PH.

    Is swift a soft leather? I'm considering the Lindy seriously, but with the folding and unfolding of the bag would it crease up? Would softies like togo/clemence be a better one?
  2. I think your SA is looking out for you. And thought maybe you might like a rose dragee Kelly.

    Yes, swift is a very souple leather. Ultra souple is the word.

    I do not own a swift Kelly, so I can't comment. I have a swift Lindy and I personally think it's the perfect leather for a Lindy design. No, the swift will not crease up in a Lindy.

    I vote for Togo in a casual retourne Kelly. Size 28cm or 32cm. I won't go bigger than 32cm for a hand bag. If I am looking for a document bag, then that's when I might consider a 35cm Kelly. Even then, I would more likely than not, choose a Victoria Cabas as a document bag.

    What colour is this Lindy offered to you?
  3. I saw a 35 Flat Kelly tonight in Rose Dragee. I wouldnt have got it, but in the end the whole buckle thing wasn't me. I think the color looks great on the Kelly though.

    Just make sure yours has the right amount of slouch, I've seen some in swift that sit funny.
  4. OMG MrsS my DH vetoed me when I showed him the colour on my lappie. It looks so nice in the photo of the catwalk model in the lindy reference thread. He said no flat out, I can't maintain. Gahhhh!

    I have to tell my sa to release. I'm so embarassed. *cringe*

    edit: It is a rose dragnee swift 34cm. Exactly like the photo! *sobs*
  5. There is NO way you can control the amount of slouch in swift, the only way is having smaller bags like a clutch. Bigger swift Kellys or Birkins will slouch at the sides when seated up.
  6. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. When you call her back, just reaffirm your choice of the Kelly you want. Believe me, your SA will learn that you are serious in your choice and work harder to get the Kelly you want.
  7. I love the colour on others, I would never buy it myself. You have nothing to be embarrassed about! Of course your SA understands that you will only get what you will end up using.
  8. Thank you Berlyn for that tip, I'll look out for that. :smile:

    MrsS, okie dokie, will do that. She showed me a 30cm orange kelly in togo GH yesterday, it was too slouchy, I fell in love with the colour instead.

    I don't understand previously what people meant by "colour popping", now that I've seen it with my own eyes, the experience is so WOW. (Sorry, don't have a good vocabulary. :p) The colour pops!

    Nola, Thank you. I think I'm putting Hermes on a pedestal, I'm usually thicker skinned than this!
  9. Lyanna : stick to what you really want !!
    a rose dragee sounds way off from the black that you want !
    your original combi of black and GH sounds really classy - so just wait it out !
    i've seen the rose dragee kelly in 35cm and IMHO, as much as i think the colour is great on swift, i think the size is too big. i think it wld be nicer on a small compact bag.

    While waiting for the right one to come along, You can buy more scarfs in the meantime !! love your 2 new scarfs !
  10. Lyanna Stark, I got very embarrassed the first few times I turned something down. I think you also panic because you know the bags in particular are rare and a bit of you wants to jump at whatever you are offered!

    A good SA will want you to have something you really want and love and wont mind at all. After all, its not like they will have trouble selling it!
  11. Don't be sad. IMO a Kelly 35 is not a good size for Rose Dragee. This colour lends itself better to smaller, more delicate bags, in my personal opinion.

    And if you find togo too slouchy, you will NOT be happy with swift, that's for sure!

    Stay your course for the black box Kelly - a timeless classic.
  12. Oooooo .... this would be absolutely gorgeous.

    Looks like only stiff leather would do for you, LyannaS:graucho:

    How about expanding your search to include epsom and also vache liegee? That way, you get to see more colours and have a feel of the other stiff leathers as well? How knows you might like the brightness of colours in epsom. If you can get teepotz to show you her epsom Kelly, you might go :drool::drool::drool:

    Do you want a retourne or sellier Kelly? teepotz's kelly is sellier and TDF!
  13. toscaong, thanks for your tip, I'll get rose dragnee for smaller leather goods. I do really like these colours, but I really suck at maintaining it.

    eliselady, yup, part of me is scared if I turn down my sa too many times she would not help me find anymore. So far she is still very nice!

    hello2703, thank you, yup yup I would like a kelly that is stiff and can stand by itself. For other bags it would be ok for a little slouch.

    MrsS, I don't know what is retourne / sellier, could you educate me?

    Is it inside stitch / outside stitch? She showed me some, but I'm quite blur, didn't see any difference. She just said that inside stitch is slouchier and outside stitch makes the bag more stiff. So I said I'll go for outside stitch but seriously anything is fine.

    I have told her I don't mind epsom or chevre also and she will keep a lookout for me too!

    Orange togo :drool:
  14. I have a RD swift kelly and a diff. color swift birkin...they are both yummy and very soft leather bags.

    I would seriously considering adding a RD swift lindy to my collection if i had extra funds lying around!

    good luck deciding!
  15. Stick to what you want. I love rose drangee...but it isn't as versitile as black. Hope your waiting is over soon!