OMG...quality update on Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Intagli Hobo

  1. I wanted to create a new thread on this, as this is a pretty serious issue, IMO. :wtf:
    I wanted to warn all my Bottega friends.

    After posting what I thought of this hobo in person in the following thread, I saw the same bag at NM in Fashion Island this past Saturday.

    Although I quite adamantly dislike NM, I admit, I did go in to browse their bags as this store now carries Balanciaga bags, and I had never seen one in person before. :p

    OK, NM has a Intrecciato Intagli Hobo on display. Mind you, this bag can't be that old, it is a brand new style. A few weeks max, maybe?

    I had a lot of time to kill, so I looked it over pretty good, as I wanted to see if it had similar "issues" to the one that I returned.

    See this thread:

    Apparently, where it appears to be stamped, is actually CUTS in the leather! There were at least 3-4 clearly visible areas where the stamp had cut all the way through on the edge of the woven pieces. These little tiny pieces were tearing away, almost like it had been shredded. :wtf::wtf::wtf: The stamping process, from what I saw first hand, has compromised the integrity and strength of the woven leather strips. If I had looked longer, I am sure that I could have found more. If you look too long at this style, your eyes start to play tricks on you.

    Not acceptable, IMO, for a $2200 bag. :tdown:

    I would be willing to bet BV is going to have a lot of customer complaints/returns on this style. :sad:
  2. Well, launching a new style always means risk, for the producer as well as for the customers, because new production methods may not always deliver a desirable result, although they have been tested for a long time.

    So, it could be only a few pieces that have this issue. Of course, when spending 2200 USD you want a flawless product, but something like this can happen to every label, even those known for their high quality standards such as BV (Trust me, I used to work at LV and we had some desastrous LE pieces coming out)

    I don`t think we should overreact and change our opinions on the quality of BV.
  3. I've also seen this bag IRL and fron what I could see it was OK, the weave was embossed with a pattern but there were definately no cuts in the leather! Also because of the embossing the leather on the bag seemed a bit thicker than the regular venetas, I hope that the cuts you saw was a one off and not typical of all the intagli venetas!
  4. Oh no, I love BV! :heart:

    I do think however, that this particular style of leather is doomed. Perforated into a chevron design, then cut into thin strips robs the leather of it's strength.

    I am interested to see how this will go. :confused1:
  5. Thanks for the heads up, B.Jara!
    I wonder if BV had any similar issues with the perforated styles from a few years ago--fraying, weakness of the leather. It does sound like BV used thicker leather to compensate for the embossing, but with any embossing/stamping there is a fine line between going deep enough to look good and be permanent vs going too far and cutting the leather. I hope the one bag with the cuts is just the exception, but it remains to be seen how these bags hold up to wear and tear.
  6. Can anyone comment on the durability of the Intagli hobo? How has it held up over the years?
  7. I bought a pre-owned mini veneta in this style and it still looks new. I think it'd depend on how you treat it. I wish I have the larger size. It's gorgeous
  8. I have this bag and have carried it frequently over the years. Honestly, it's held up better than most of my BV bags.
  9. Hi lkweh and LLANeedle

    I was lucky enough to get a pre-loved large Intagli veneta in good condition. The embossed leather looks like it is fraying very slightly in one or two areas but it's nothing too serious. I wish BV still made bags like this. The leather is so beautiful and glossy. Thank you both for your replies.