OMG.. prada " made in india".. what next? africa?

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  1. :-s
  2. oh NO!!! maybe the next is made in china :shucks:
  3. The pieces are gorgeous, though.

    One of the quotes Miuccia said was "'Made In Italy' - who cares?" What she did was find the best materials and the best artisans to create these pieces. It doesn't make them any less better.

    They're made from vegetable dyed Madras goatskin and were all handwoven using centuries old weaving techniques on handmade moulds as well. So much goes into making them and they are still great pieces.
  4. I agree with the craftsmanship but the reason these have been expensive is also parallel to the cost of manufacturing, however I am assuming if they are made in India the cost of manufacturing should go lower aswell hence the price tag should too but it hasn't! Hence I don't like the deal personally
  5. ITA. And the fact that the workers are probably not getting a proper payment disturbs me - the reason of the high prices should be the high maufacturing costs from giving the workers a european payment, which they have to if manufacturing within EU/Italy.
  6. Well its not a big deal..Some Indian company has been doing a lot of work for LV and they have great craftsmanship.
  7. FYI my fellow tpfer's Bottega sends leather to India for tanning. Christian loubouton sends his shoes to India for embroidery, Louis Vuitton manufactures bags in there factory outside in Pondicherry. So obviously the craftsmanship in India seems to meet such high international standards. So I wouldn't be very worried.
  8. I agree.. But again, the quality is probably not the the largest issue here... :S
  9. What's wrong with India? This is a limited, special collection of Prada purses and shoes made of the woven leather. Many of these pieces have been featured on the runway. The "made in India" wording is also proudly displayed/advertised by a special Prada card packaged along these pieces.

    I have an older friend who said 50 years ago products made in Japan were considered inferior. I wonder if anyone can tell the difference between a prada bag made in Italy and another made in China without checking the label first. If not, what's the big deal?
  10. I read in a recent article that more luxury brands are expected to migrate parts, if not all, of their production processes to countries like China and India, where labour cost is lower and production quality is of a good standard. Some would probably keep the final assembly process in their country of origin such as France, UK or Italy so the label could say "Made in France/UK/Italy" when in reality, more than 60% of the work would have been done in a developing country. Seems like an inevitable trend.

    I agree sometimes, there may indeed be no significant difference in the quality of workmanship given their stringent quality control system. The issue lies with consumer perception and the fact that as consumers, we feel ripped off paying top dollars for something made at a much lower cost than what its price tag suggests. The exact reason I no longer bother with Coach and Burberry. For Prada, I'd stick to the 'Made in Italy' ones, at least for now.
  11. I think those woven pieces are gorgeous..........I would carry one in a new York nanosecond if I could afford them
  12. Lol, there are a lot of 'made in China' Prada pieces in stores already :smile:

    I'm not surprised about India, some Miu miu bags are made in India as well, so I expected that Prada would be also :shrugs: Maybe it's not a bad thing, India is well known for their craftsmanship isn't it?