OMG Poor Qee.....This Has GOTTA Be The WORST Fake Ever....!!!!

  1. I sent the seller pics of my REAL Qee for comparison

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Wow that's really sad. And giving you closeups so you can really tell how fake it is. That seller has to be short a few brain cells....
  3. :roflmfao: Ha! Ha! The saddest looking qee ever! The Frankenstein has met its perfect match!
  4. OMG!! That thing was run over! Yasha, tell us what she says. I want to know if she knew it was a fake or not.
  5. hahaha oh my gosh..that is soo ugly! that looks like the meomi qee in another post that i posted lol it was flat too! but they didnt show close pic of it like this one... great comparison!! that shouldnt be even called a qee!! :lol:
  6. This seller has a bunch of fake tokidoki's. And the name of the shop is Funkidoki.
  7. Yeah, all the fake qee tend to be weird and flat. I guess cause they're just weird rubber versions?
  8. what a great name! funkidoki...cuz its not tokidoki at all!
  9. The sellers response is very vague...

    My bags has that

    Well....duh! But its not the same thing. OMG cant they tell the difference!
  10. I'm probably gonan write her and tell her that her bags are fake and ask her did she know. Does anyone know if I can get in trouble for that? Cuz people were saying I could get in trouble for interference or something.
  11. You could get in trouble for intefering with the buyers, im not too sure about the sellers. Like in previous posts, some buyer/seller might get offended and if they dont like what you have to say then they might just report you for harassing them...others will take it as a kind just depends on the person on the other end on how they perceive you.
  12. Ewww, that qee is named "Mr. Smoosh"
  13. Well, I reported all of the sellers listings! The fakes are good, but not that good, it still says flowers spring!
  14. The pankcake qee...good for breakfast ... bad for your bag! :nuts: