OMg Plzz help!!!

  1. I purchase a signature wrislet and small bag at macys! However when I got home and opened it through many tissue paper, they did not give me a dust bag! They did not give me a brown dust bag! And I am gonna go back tomorrow to get it! Do you think they will give it to me? Does Macy's give dustbags for Coach? Is the dustbag very important? Because to me it is! Plzz help! I am panicing! :push::crybaby:
  2. The wristlet doesn't come with a dustbag. It also depends on the bag you bought, not all of them come with dustbags. What style bag did you buy? The dustbags come in the bags so check in there real well.
  3. Oh, I wasn't questioning the authenticity. I was just going to let you know from the style number if it came with a dustbag. Sorry, that particular style doesn't come with a dustbag. Its only the bags that are considered handbags and while that is a really cute bag they consider it a pouch and it doesn't come with a dustbag. Sorry! You did get some really cute stuff though, I love the signature stripe stuff!!
  4. Omg THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I WAS SO SCARED! haha! omg i was freaking out so much! Thank so much! I am kinda new to coach, so that's why i didn't know! lolz! thanks again!
  5. Not a problem! :smile: