OMG Pleated Cherry Spy came....

  1. Well look what turn up today, not meant to be here till tomorrow, this beautiful Cherry Pleated spy.

    Have to say its stunning. The leather feels very soft like corded nappa leather. The colour is just slightly more darker than my plain nappa Cherry spy put the two bags together so that you can all see.

    I think if I did not have the plain nappa leather spy would keep this one as it is so stunning, quite a decision as do not know if I can justify keeping both of them, the only difference is one is corded the other has bubbles. Decisions Decisions.......
    133_3347.JPG 133_3348.JPG 133_3351.JPG 133_3350.JPG 133_3349.JPG
  2. OMG..... B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L... Congrats! :woohoo: They are both beautiful, and I have to say that you have a hard decision to make. If it were me I would let 1 of them go as they are very similar. I don't blame you for not being able to choose. I like the pleated cos it's not an even colour all through. The bubbly nappa is beautiful as usual too... Let us know what you decide.
  3. Wow Saich, They are both so georgous!! I think i would choose the pleated one, but i havn't seen either of them IRL!!

    Good luck:shrugs:
  4. Nightmare of a decision, shall decide at some point today.
  5. I can imagine. They are both so unique in their own ways. I have no preference for either one. Can't choose! (you can tell I'm back in this thread to "perve" on your bags again)
  6. OMG!! Just posted on the other thread and saw that you have it already!!! It is absolutely GORGEOUS!! I want one of these so badly!! I just don't quite have the £££ for one yet :sad: Congrats my dearest saich you have two yummy scrummy cherries!!
  7. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:

    Sooooo gorgeous! Congratulations and good luck with what must be a very difficult decision!:smile:
  8. *whistles* WOOO, they're both so sexy :drool:.. Hmmm.. you're right, it's such a hard decision! I think I'd keep it because the pleated one looks really sharp and pretty! :love: good luck with your decision! xo
  9. Dear Saich,both are gorgeous and for me they are not the same bag.If you don't need money at this moment,you should keep them and wait to choose the one you really prefer:tender:
  10. :woohoo: Congrats - can see your dilema Saich, both are utterly gorgeous for totally different reasons even when they are so close in colour.

    My personal preference would be to keep the pleated :drool: from the photographs it looks like it has very subtle colour changes due to the pleating.
  11. Congrats! I would keep the pleated, becaue it is more exotic and you seem have all of the most exotic Spies. I love the other Cherry as well, but it seems less you somehow (from the little of you I know on the board, LOL!)
  12. OMG, I would want to keep both! The corded would definitely be a keeper, but then I don't have a regular cherry. Maybe if you return it, they will still have it in London when I am there in August :graucho:
  13. Thank you everyone for trying to help me decide.

    Litigatrix, this is the last cherry spy, they sold another one yesterday and as far as I know their are no more unless they come up on eBay.

    The bag is absolutely stunning have been looking at it a lot today and if another one comes up would highly recommend anyone to get it. Regards to what I am going to do I do not know think I shall keep it as it is so rare and stunning but still not 100% sure. The Cherry colour is like 2 colours dark and light cherry the pleates do this.
    The one thing I do know is I am not getting rid of my bubble leather cherry that bag is to die for....LOL
  14. :drool: There would be no questions in my mind! Gotta have both!!:heart:
    Thanks for sharing wish I could get my hands on the pleated Cherry spy,
    but I am sooo tapped out right now :wtf: !
  15. My best friend Deco has both, so I am leaning towards that way:graucho: would have no problem about recommending this bag at all. The leather is really really beautiful.