OMG...Please tell me this is repairable! =*(

  1. :cry::cry:

    I just got this today in the mail and while it seems pretty clean, I dunno WTF happened to the canvas!! Did it get eaten at or something?! Is this normal?! The receipt was included and it was purchased in 2001, so I dunno if this happens w/time or something. It was most definitely NOT mentioned in the auction or captured in the pics. OMG I have no idea what to do!! Can I bring it into a Gucci store and have it repaired? Something? Anything?!?! :crybaby:

  2. If the seller didn't mention it in the auction, you might have to file a significant not as described complaint to Paypal. But first of all, you've to contact the seller and protest about it. See what the seller say first.

    So sorry...
  3. i agree with the seller!!

    as for repairing cant really repair canvas thats wore and torn like that...and if they do then theyll probably have to replace a lot and in ur case itll probably be cheaper just to buy the bag again!

  4. OMG, do contact your seller! this should have been mentioned in the auction. also, the leather trim on that area looks more worn than the other parts. something must have rubbed that spot repeatedly over time to produce that flaw.
  5. good luck! hope you get your money back on that one.
  6. That looks like it's worn down. My friend's wallet looks like all over because it's constantly rubbing against his jeans every time he takes out his wallet. The top two pictures looks like the material was cut, and the other photos look as though it was from constant wear and tear. I dont think Gucci will do much about it, because they might just say it occurs from excessive use. =/
    I say, you should file a complaint.... =) Good luck!
  7. I don't think the canvas was torn.. I have several gucci bags that look like that, unfortunately, and they're from constant wear and tear. the canvas is especially susceptible to wear on the corners and edges from brushing against things. I have a Jackie O that i used to LOVE that is completely worn in on the side from where it would rub against my body when i walked.

    IMO, the previous owner wore this purse very frequently. this is normal wear that is repairable if you want to spend around $200-$300, but I wouldn't bother. Complain to the seller!!! I really hope you get your money back... let us know what happens