omg please some one help me

  1. ok i placed bids before and this never happen to me
    i place a bid for sunglasses for$ 36.oo ok and got an email confirming the bid from eBay /
    now i always place bids on eBay some items i win some i lose
    but this is the problem
    the winning bid for item was like $102.50
    I NEVER PLACE A BID FOR THAT MUCH EVER I NEVER EVEN WENT OVER THE AMOUNT $60 when bidding i know what i can afford
    and its wierd cause it says i placed a bid on march 2 for the amount of 102.5 and then on march 3 some one place a bid for $100 thats not possible they would have to bid higher then me not lower this make no sence
    and now eBay has emailed me saying i won the item and i need to pay and so has the seller i tryed contacting ebay about this and they still havent ggot back to me please help me some one pleaseeeeeeeeeeee
  2. well you must have, unless someone else bid with your account...did you maybe type it in wrongly?
  3. have you contacted ebay? How do you know someone bid $100 the day after you had 'allegedly' bid the $102.50?

    File a claim with ebay ASAP.
  4. Did you get the emails from ebay confirming the amount of your bid(s) and that you were the high bidder?
  5. yes but this makes no sence if i was the highest bidder as they claim then how did some one bidder lower them me on the next day
    and hers another thing it does show where i bid for $36.oo
    but yet i got an email comfirming that Item Bid History
    this doesnt look right check it for your self
  6. i would file a claim as well if you are sure you did not bid. maybe you left yourself signed in and someone else maybe if you have kids, they may have bid. you never know, i've had some buyers email me to take their bid off because that is what happened.

    but as for the $100 bid after your "alleged" bid of $102.50. if the bid was say like at $70 on march 2 and you placed your max bid on march 2 for 102.50 it would only bid to beat the $70 bid, but whoever placed the bid on march 3 made your bid go up to beat it, since your max was 102.50 it bid that to beat the bid of 100. if your max bid were 80 then it would bid the 80 for you and then place the other person's bid up higher than yours since his max bid was 100. hope that made sense. but i would definitely file a claim with ebay if you didn't place that bid.
  7. heres something else i dont get i never got an email confirming that i placed a bid for the $102.5
    but after the bid ended i got an email confirming that im the winner and i need to pay that
    should i contact the seller
    or will she be mad and think im lying trying to get out of paying
    i can show her my emails if she wants

    oh by the way there is no kids on here
    could some one hacked me?
  8. When you bid and received the email confirmation, it shows how much your bid was, right? What does it show?

    Either way, contact ebay. Either you entered more than you intended, honest mistake, or something is fishy.

    The bids after yours are the other bidders trying to figure out your cap. Nothing weird there.

    Good luck. I hope it works out for you.
  9. the reason someone can bid a lesser amount than you after you have put in your higher bid is that ebay does what is called a "proxy bid"--if bidder 1 has bid $100 on something, and the starting bid is $10, their bid will show as $10. If you go in later and bid $90 on it, bidder 1's bid will then show as the next increment above $90. eBay ups the bid in proportion to how much other people are bidding. Your full bid amount doesn't show up until another bidder "challenges" you and forces your bid higher, if that makes sense.
  10. the whole thing is i only bid once and never went back to the item
    does ebay have a live represenative i can talk to ?
  11. there is a link to "live help" on the front page of ebay.

    you don't have to go back in orer for eBay to put in a proxy bid for you. do you have your original bid confirmation e-mail? what does that say your maximum bid was?
  12. the only bid i got confirmed was for $36.00
    and i never got an email saying that i bid for 102.50
    i would of retract my bid if i seen that
    and im also seeing when othere people bidded on it its shows ever bid they make i never ever put an item on auto bid cuause it would of said what is the limit i would want it to stop at
  13. can you give me the link for live help i cant find it
  14. You won't get an email confirming your bid unless your email preferences are set up that way.
  15. you don't get a choice of whether to use proxy bidding or not. it is automatic. you can't turn it off.

    you might have seen a confirmation page that said your current bid was $36, but as long as the bid that you entered was higher than $36, eBay did proxy bids for you when other people tried to outbid you. $36 was just the amount that you needed to be the high bidder at the time you placed the bid.

    the link is on the front page of ebay, on the right near the top. it says "live help". I can't send it to you.