~~OMG, Please PLEASE Throw OUT the Rulebooks!

  1. Ladies please....where oh where do we find these Hermes rulebooks??

    The one that says you cannot wear a Kelly 32 unless you are at least 5' 4"?? Or the one that declares that because you are approaching 6 feet tall and want to carry a Birkin you MUST carry at LEAST a Birkin 35??

    Or that box calf is restricted to nighttime or more formal use??

    I feel so bad when I read posts like this. Admitedly I am probably twice the age of many of you.....and surely many feel I am ranting ( I AM!!) but I see all you lovely young ladies and older ladies too, restricting yourselves to rules that I simply did not know existed until I came to the purse forum.

    I agree that comfort is a big big part of dressing. And if a lady does not feel comfortable doing or wearing something and is fine with that then......well, fine!

    But to hear someone ask....is it ok to wear a Birkin 35 if I'm only 5 feet tall.....goodness, of COURSE it's ok...if that's what you want to wear.....why wouldn't it be??

    Who wrote these rulebooks? :boxing:

    Why can't we all invest in a full length mirror ( or not....just a suggestion ) and stand before it and if the look feels good, then go for it! Many is the morning I've put together my wardrobe pieces and took a quick mirror look....and...whoops....don't like this or that....remove or replace it.....and then, YES I like THAT....and out the door I go.

    I never read the "rule book" before I get dressed.....:nogood: and I still feel comfortable and beautiful.
  2. hey isus. i totally get where you're coming from.

    questions like "i'm 5 ft tall... can i wear a 35 birkin" i think is more about asking opinions on if it looks ok and proportionate rather than if there's any sort of rule for it. i think many of the people on here don't get to see many bags irl or else when they shop they might not shop with friends or maybe they're just on the fence about whether or not something looks nice on them and they just want other people's opinions.

    i don't think there are any steadfast rules of hermes or fashion in general. i just think many times the purpose of the hermes forum or any of our forums is to get opinons from others who have similar tastes and know the brands well....
  3. Well said! Style is what you make it NOT what others tell you it is!!!:yes:
  4. Talk about rules ... look at me at 150cm trying to see if I can pull off a huge JPG LOL! I think I'll banned from the rulebook or be placed in the "ridiculous" or "trying too hard" section!
  5. Everyone has their personal comfort level in dress and accessories. And it's PERSONAL.

    People who do ask questions about what type of bag to carry are not generally sure about how they will look - instead of stating "rules" in reply to this kind of post I always think it's much better to show a modeling picture. I love it when the pictures of "Your Hermes in Action" give the poster's height, and I admit that on other boards I've PM'ed people asking how much their weight is....just to see if something will look good on a person of my proportions if I'm buying sight unseen.
  6. isus, I totally agree with you. I only know what I am personally comfortable with, and that is what I go with...for myself.
    La Van, I am 5'6" and when I tried a JPG Birkin once at FSH, my lovely and amusing SA told me I looked "borderline ridiculous"--exact words...so, I don't know what the criteria are for carrying off one of those but clearly it was a marginal situation for me and he wasn't afraid to tell me! :smile:
  7. Well said, isus! I agree! Best to trust oneself and wear that inner confidence, even if you carry a paper sack! It is much more attractive than ANYTHING, one can buy in a store!
  8. isus ~ Great Thread!!!:yes: It's All Personal Comfort & That's All It Should Be (no Rules On Sizes :nogood:)

    LaVan ~ The JPG Is Gorgeous. You Love It ~ You Go Get It:yes:
  9. well it is a forum to have fun to enjoy to meet friends to share knowledge etc and to get other opinions. so i someone asks i give my opinion nothing more nothing less. i don´t say it is a rule (hey i am one who´s mantra is if you love it you can pull it off it is the attitude baby) it is just how i feel about certain things and in my world that is what a forum is all about.
  10. lol...we are thinking alike today!

    I just posted in another thread it is all about how you feel as to what any individual can pull off. You have to have the confidence and you can do it! If you are petite you can rock a 35...just like someone extremely tall can rock a 30!

    Buy what you love and wear what your love. Carry your bags whenever you want because they make you happy!!! Life is way too short.
  11. Good points, all! Maybe my title should not have said "rule" but, instead, said.....who says you CAN'T wear a certain something?

    I love seeing the pics of the members here with their own personal styles. Sharing these styles with each other is what we're about.
  12. I'm glad this came up because honestly - just this morning i was reading a thread about people who are around my height (5'3) and they were all saying they only wear 30's and 35's look too big on them, etc. I totally second guessed the fact that i wear 35's! I thought "OMG - do I look dumb in a 35????"

    But you're right - it's all what YOU feel comfortable in and what works best for your lifestyle :yes:
  13. I have all sorts of size bags...I think it's about how much stuff I feel compeled to carry...And what you are accustomed to.
  14. I agree with you completely. I am no fashion icon, but I think there is no inherent aestetic problem with a woman of virtually any size carrying a Hermes bag of virtually any size - the driving issue is the subjective ergonomics of it - do you like the way it feels and handles - which of course is in the eye of the "holder" (pun intended).
  15. isus,
    Thanks for a great post. I could not agree more.
    I do think that sometimes a newbie buying one bag has more to consider than those with multiple bags.
    But when you get to be an old bag yourself, as I am, you won't care how you look to anyone but yourself. Your bags will be for your pleasure, not showpieces.