OMG! please let me rant...

  1. ok so i bought a b-bag off an auction site and the seller reassured me that it was authentic, b/c she's a collector and has like 5 b-bags... and when i get it, it turns out to be FAKE!! :mad:

    i asked her for a refund she says no way, so i just went to the post office and sent it back to her :graucho:

    then i get this email from her saying how can you do this, i won't give you a refund, etc. and i write back saying forget the money, just looking at the FAKE made me sick, and sent her links to the atelier.naff sites.
    then she writes back saying: yes, i know about those sites, but some bags don't follow those rules based on different production lines, and my bag is guaranteed to be authentic b/c i checked w. authorised reseller, blah blah.... :rant:

    am i right to be mad? i am so mad! :rant:

    sorry.... just had to rant somewhere, you know....:cry:
  2. You are absolutely right to be angry! I'd continue to try and get my money back, if I were you!
  3. Yes! Let her know the bag is on the way back to her & tell her that if you don't get your refund, you will report her to Ebay & Paypal. Gotta play hardball when it comes to losers like this. Sorry that happened to you!
  4. i would do that if i could, problem is the transaction was not thru ebay or paypal... :cry::cry:
  5. Well, that makes it a little more tricky then... First, did you send it back with delivery or signature confirmation so you can have proof she has it in her hands? How did you pay for it?
  6. well it has a tracking number... at first she said she would refuse delivery :mad: but i told her, if you do, and it comes back to me, it's going straight to the garbage bin! :graucho:

    paid for it via bank transfer (a very common way to pay for things here in japan...)
    oh well. i don't think i'll get my money back... :cry:
    i guess i was stupid. :cry::cry:
  7. OMG, of course you have a right to be mad girlfriend!!!...i'm sitting here reading this post & i'm fuming myself :mad: ...we've gotta figure out a way to get your $$$ back...did you pay thru a credit card on paypal (?)...if so, you should contact your CC company & dispute the charges!!!'

    p.s. oops, just saw your post above re: the wire transfer :sad:
  8. oh no, eveningfaces! this is terrible! can't we get your money back????
  9. thanks for the condolences, ladies....
    oh well. serves me right for not checking thoroughly. :cry:
    i think i might have to let go of the flat brass after all.... :cry::cry:
  10. OMFG! i can't believe it was the flat brass! what a :censor: :censor: :censor: ! you need to get your money back!
  11. oh no no no, it wasn't the flat brass.. relax :amuse:
    i still have the flat brass, but since my money for this other bag went bye-bye, i'm thinking that i'm gonna have to sell it to make up for the loss...
  12. ^oh sorry :P
  13. what a bummer! if she lives in the same country, look up her address and drive over there with a baseball bat.

    I'm just kidding..

    keep pressing for your money!
  14. That's so terrible... is there any way you can report to police? You should fight to get your money back! :amazed:
  15. haha :lol: thanks hun, i'm feeling better now :biggrin: