OMG please help my edith

  1. So Edith and I went out for happy hour yesterday and ended up staying out late and going dancing.:amazed: Very unexpected. Well I guess we had too much fun and Edith drank too much and now has stains all over her :cry: from spilling the drinks.
    What should I do????? I treated her with apple guard and I guess it didn't really work. Any suggestions on how to get all these stains out? I have attached a photo of one of the 4 stains
    Please help. Thanks
    bag 072 (2).jpg
  2. oh sweetie I'm soooo sorry! Hopefully help is on its way... hang in there. sniff....
  3. Oh, I'm so sorry, sweetie! Have you tried appleg leather cleaner and conditioner? I used a leather cleaner on a coach bag once after getting sprayed with tabasco sauce at an oyster party. It helped recover the normal color, though I do think that the entire bag seemed a tinge darker. I definitely would do a patch test. That really bites! Hang in there!
  4. i would definitely think about taking it to a professional leather cleaner and seeing what they can do.
  5. Leather CPR. It's a cleaner/conditioner and works fabulous.
  6. They say Edith will look best once she gets "beat up" a bit...if the leather CPR doesn't work, don't panic! It's just adds character to the bag. Gives it a "lived in" look. But who knew schoolgirl Edith was a drinker? LOL. Let us know how the cleaner works.
  7. I couldn't agree more w/ET. She's on the ball -- I think this will add to the character of the bag. As a matter of fact, when I first saw the Edith I thought, "now this is a bag that will only get better with time" no matter what the circumstances.
  8. Good thing Edith wasn't driving! :biggrin:

    Whatever you do, don't use Appleguard Leather Cleaner; it is harsh on untreated leather and will make a further mess.

    I agree with taking her to a professional leather cleaner. You might try wiping her down with ordinary baby wipes - that can't hurt - I use them on my chocolate Edith all the time. Don't saturate the leather but gently wipe and rub the stains. I don't think this would hurt the leather even if it doesn't remove the stains.

    Where might one purchase this Leather CPR product in the United States???
  9. Its everywhere online, for instore bed bath and beyond carries it. I've used it on my mousse to soften it up and there was no darkening or color bleeding issues. And it cleans really well, I've used it on LV vachetta to get rid of grime buildup and on other dyed leather bags to remove black marks, jean transfer, ect.
  10. Wow, I had no idea that the applegarde was that harsh on untreated leather. I wonder if my coach was treated/untreated. How do you know?
  11. Thanks all
    I'll got to BBB tomorrow and pick up some of the leather CPR. If that doesn't work will try baby wipes and then all else fails I will take her to the cleaners. I do agree the bag will look better with age but there are 4 spill stains on the bag, the front, back, and sides. I just don't know what happenend last night. I thought I was guarding her, I think she got spilled on while dancing.
  12. Good luck's a lovely bag. I hope that you are able to get the stains removed...but agree that they are not the end of the world.
  13. hope it works out for you! keep us posted!
  14. I agree with the 'adding character' comment.

    The same thing happened to a Prada clutch I have, two or three years ago; I never did find out how to remedy it! :unsure:

    But that was way before I found The Purse Forum. I'm sure that the expertise of the members here is second to none and I'm sure you'll find a solution!

    Good Luck! :smile: