Omg please help me asap!!!

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  1. I was just getting ready to pack 4 a trip and my cat urinated on my Monogram Macassar Keepall. I'm crying right now, I am SO beside myself. What do I do? I called LV and did what they said, but she got the black leather so I had to wipe and of course it has H2O stains now. She got some of the lining and I am sooo lost and upset. Any help would be great. Has this happened to anyone else. I can't believe this. Its basically BRAND NEW!! Only used once. HELP!!:crybaby:
  2. Omg anyone!! I am in distress here!!
  3. OMG I am so sorry to hear this. I don't have any suggestions just wanted to say sorry :hugs:
  4. Have you heard of the website Perhaps you can look up dry cleaners on there? You might be able to find a cleaner who can treat it. Or I'd call your local LV and see who they would recommend to clean it. I spilled on my prada bag once at a ball game and when I called my local prada they recommended a place to have it cleaned.
  5. Sorry to hear that. Hope it dries up quick... The water marks may not be that visible once the vachetta turns its color. Cheer up!
  6. try google search this: neutralizing cat urine
  7. I am sooo sorry-
  8. Omg that sucks! So sorry....
  9. put coffee grinds on the affected area(s) until the smell goes away ... then have it cleaned.
    If you have it cleaned before the coffee grinds, the smell will never truly come out.

    Any kind of coffee grinds will do, but make sure to leave them there until the smell completely goes.

    I think kitty was trying to show you her unhappiness at you leaving ...
  10. I'm so sorry to hear this!!!

    I've had to clean an overnight bag with leather corners once and my leather couch a few times from little accidents and this is what I did:

    Soak up as much of the wetness as you can with a sponge.. I'm afraid you'll need to get the area wetter than it already is to get rid of it.. In turn ur water mark will blend away.. Go get an enzyme based urine cleaner from the pet shop.. Or even any orange based natural cleaners, they'll break down the urine and rid of the smell! Spray a little with the cleaner and dab with a clean moist sponge.. And repeat!
    I've used a steamer on it after spraying the cleaner but not sure if it'll work in ur case... If the odour is still there let it sit in the sun for a bit.. Cover it with a light white sheet if u don't want direct contact with the sun.. Good luck!!! Hope that helps!!!
  11. omg!!! so sorry
  12. I don't think you have ruined your bag, the canvas is fine, you can clean it as it's coated with cotton lining... and as Macska said use coffe grinds that removes smells.
    What I'm not sure about is the leather. Is the leather in the Macassar bags like the one in Damier Ebene bags? I just wipe my Damier Keepall, but you said it has water stains, so I guess it's not the same kind. But I don't think water stains are very noticeable in black leather...
    Anyway in the worst case scenario you can have the leather replaced if you can't remove the smell or stains.
  13. Good Luck
  14. Search on google: cat urine leather.

    This link may help:

    Honestly if this were my bag I wouldn't want it anymore and would throw it away. Cat urine is the most disgusting smell ever.
  15. I feel your pain I took mine to work and a coworker spilled coffee in it on accident. I took it to a dry cleaners and they cleaned it right up. looks just like new