OMG Pistachio Twiggy

  1. :mad: :cry:

    Yes I should put this in the whine thread but I can't.

    I just lost the pistachio twiggy on eBay for the exact amount I bid for it, the winner offered first.
    The owner just ENDED the auction for 500 pounds.
    I've been emailing back and forth with her all morning.

    I'm so bummed.
    This bag and the rouge are the only ones I want and they are so rare.

    I'm off to ponder my karma.:hrmm:
  2. What? I don't understand. So who got it? The highest bidder?
  3. Ohhhh I feel your pain, that has happened to me before as well...grrrr
  4. Oh no...that same bidder outbid me on a bag once! Karma sucks :sad: I'm so sorry.
  5. Oh man the sucks really bad! I hate that feeling!
  6. I stopped bidding at 500 and emailed her asking for a BIN?
    She said that the other bidder offered her 500 for a BIN.
    I told the seller I'd offer a minumum of 550, and then, instead of bidding that much on eBay (which in retrospect would have won me the bag), I WAITED for her to get back to me.
    I then get an e-mail from the seller telling me that she ended the auction for the other girl before she read my e-mail, because she didn't want to keep her waiting.

    :cry: :rolleyes:

    Oh well. I still have my money...the bright side.
  7. OMG that's so annoying, I made an offer too but was probably too late.
  8. Oh that *really* stinks. I'm so sorry :sad: It's sooo painful when it doesn't work out!
  9. How much is 500 lbs in dollars?
  10. That sucks! :Push: I know percephonie also wanted to bid on the same bag. All these great B-bags are coming out of hiding.

    Don't worry, winona, you'll find the perfect B-bag soon :amuse:
  11. so sorry to hear this :sad: the highest bidder really got a good deal. but on the bright side, you still have your money and i'm sure there will be another pistachio soon!
  12. Why dont you try & email the buyer? Maybe you 2 can work something out?