OMG! PINCH ME!!! Got a lovely package today!

  1. Oh. my. GOSH!
    I just got my Ebene Chevre Kelly 35cm. w/ pall hardwear!!!! :yahoo:
    SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!!! Such a lovely rich brown color!
    I am totally in love and i got her just in time to take her with me to NYC tomorrow!
    I played dress up with her and SHE GOES WITH EVERYTHING!!!
    Sorry, no pics of fun dress-up time with Jen. :shame: I don't have quite the figure as all of you lovely ladies!

    ANYHOW, i'll take pics of her later on today. She is GREAT!!!

    Oh, and a question, a newbie one, is Ebene the same as Chocolate? Which is which? :confused1: lol.
  2. WOWWWW!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS, Jenn!!!!! It must be JUST GORGEOUS in Chevre!!!!!!! You MUST, MUST, MUST post pics as soon as you can! PLEASE!!!!
  3. Congratulations! I bet it is just GORGEOUS! How could it not be, its CHEVRE!!!! Yum! Cannot wait to see pics!
  4. CONGRATS!!!! Ebene is darker than Chocolate, it's the darkest brown that H does.....
  5. SOOOOO exciting Jenn!!! Can't wait to see it! Ebene is darker than Chocolate I believe!
  6. OH i definitely will!!! I might even get up enough balls *ahem, excuse me* to post me with her!
    It's all over from here! Hermes and ONLY Hermes!!!
    My Rouge H was pretty much unused when i got her, so she's still pretty stiff and brand new looking.
    The Ebene has been used a little more, and i'll tell you what, i LOVE the way the chevre kelly gets softer and more "pliable" WOW! I'm super impressed!! :yes:
  7. Ok, thanks! ;) I beleive she is Ebene then. I took her out of the sleeper and i thought "WOAH, she almost looks black!!!" It's really dark brown. :heart:
    I absolutely LOVE the color!
  8. :yahoo: Congrats!!!!
  9. YES!!!!! Way to go, Jenn......we'd LOVE to see pics of you modeling your new baby!!!!! Please?
  10. I know the feeling "it's all over from here! Hermes and only Hermes!!" Congratulations. :jammin:
  11. I am very happy for you! And yes I know the feeling 'it's all over from here...'

    Please post pics soon! Enjoy!
  12. Congratsss.... Can't wait for the pics...
  13. Congrats and pleeeze don't be shy! We're not all model thin lol! We just all love the bags...I received my chevre kelly on Tuesday and this one (I had one before) is much, much softer than the other - although also hardly used so I think some must be slightly different? I love that is casual and so soft - enjoy and have a GREAT trip to NYC! Love it there - haven't gotten back for 2 yrs. and I miss it!
  14. Congratulations, jennifleur! Two Chevre Kellys! WOW! Chevre does mellow with age. I've carried a couple of chevre bags for a few years now and the goatskin has softened nicely. I hope you enjoy your trip to NYC!
  15. congrats ..can't wait to see the pic:yes: