Omg! Pics Of Ostrich Muses One Day Only!

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  1. Just got an email from YSL! They are getting in the most gorgeous colors in Ostrich for the Muse. OMG! I am dying right now, each one is more beautiful than the next!:love::love::love: Enjoy some serious eye candy! THese are only for sale TOMORROW for a special event.

    $3995 for the Medium/Large
    $4995 for the Oversized
    OstrichMuse1.JPG OstrichMuse2.JPG
  2. How much r they ? :shocked:
  3. just got off the phone with Kyla at the Beverly Hills boutique. She says this is a special event, one day only and its over tomorrow. :cry: These are soo gorgeous I am going nuts!

    here is the email i received:

    (See attached file: OstrichMuse1.JPG)(See attached file: OstrichMuse2.JPG)
    I'm following up with you in regards to the conversation we had while you
    were visiting Beverly Hills about our fabulous Muse bag. I know that you
    had expressed an interest in the ostrich version of the popular Muse, but
    would love it in a vibrant color. You are in luck! We just received an
    enormous selection of ostrich Muses in a variety of incredible colors.
    Please take a look at the photos that I have included and let me know which
    you may be interested in, as soon as possible. We also are offering a
    service only tomorow for our event, an artisian from Italy will be here in
    the store embossing your initials on the Muse of your choice. Please give
    me a call today, so I may answer any questions and give you more details.

    Best regards,
    Kyla Kruger
    (310) 271-4110
  4. $3995 for the Medium/Large
    $4995 for the Oversized

    :blink: with my respect, i'll add 3 more thosuands and get a Birkin:blink:
  5. They are absolutley gorgeous...I never liked the muse....but this may have changed my mind!!
  6. I love the cranberry, yellow and greens!!! ahhh!!
  7. I am drooling too! Should I pass on Hermes and give up now?
  8. I know! I am sitting here thinking to myself- who needs a birkin! LOL! BUt I know I really want my birkin baby! BUT THESE ARE AMAZING! What is a girl to do. Oh yeah, I can't buy anything right now anyways:cry: BUT that hot pink and the natural are TDF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:heart::heart::heart:
  9. Kelly .. no no no , stick with Hermes :heart:

    i do like those Muses, soo much.. but UGH
  10. That's it. We need to win the lottery right now KB! This way we can have both!!!! :graucho:
  11. Jag .. i totally understand ur feeeling, but come on, for YSL?
  12. Thanks Chloe! I need support.
  13. i have to leave this thread, loool Otherwise i'll have them in mind LOOL
  14. KB :heart:
  15. I am not usually a green person, but they are pretty.
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