OMG Pebble mabel at this price!!

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  1. That's a bargain.
    I managed to get the same price at Bicester although delivery has been very slow!
    Still waiting for it to arrive.
    They have the small fuschia at half price too
  2. There must have been a heck of a lot of pebble Mabels made!
    It's strange because it doesn't seem to have been that it wasn't a popular colour as so many people on here have bought it & loved it.
    Hope yours turns up v soon Rachie.
  3. handles look wierd.. :s
  4. NO bargains on the Pebble Mabel on julesB!!
    They cancelled my order after 2 hours :crybaby::hysteric:
  5. Oh you're kidding, that's terrible, grrr!!!!

    Such a shame hon, it's so unfair!!

    Is there anything in the new stock catching your fancy on, I thought the butterscotch shoulder mabel looked really cute.
  6. How awful to feel ecstatic for 2 hours and then have such deflating news. Grrrrrr
  7. I thought that too, they look too long! I thought maybe the bag has slouched down a bit and that makes the handles look long - I dunno!!!??? but they definitely don't look right.
  8. I see a lot of lovely bags from the new collection... Love the Mabel hobo(If it comes in oak it will def. be mine!), Shimmy Hobo in black and Mitzy Hobo & Messenger!

    I'm sooo dissapointed about the Pebble... Why is it that websites do this? Aaargh i'm frustrated:mad:
  9. Now saying it's been discontinued :sad:
  10. What does that mean?
  11. Is this an authentic site, if it is ,they give the euro a terrific exchange rate
  12. Maple - I was kicking myself when I saw that the pebble Mabel had been reduced to 50% off. Could've saved myself over £100 if I'd just been patient.... HA!!!!!

    Sterre - I'm so sorry you nearly got one and then had it snatched back from you. It's such a pity websites can't stop this from happening. Have you tried calling the outlets to see if they have any left in stock?

    aine1313 - yes, Julesb is an authentic site! :tup:
  13. Tell me about, feel bad for Sterre though, that sucks, excuse the language - wish they'd get more efficient ecommerce sites that do not make errors like these!

    Discontinued, think it just means they can't get any more stock or won't get any more stock, it is a seasonal coloured bag so it's probably on its way out.
  14. Amazing price, did anyone manage to get one then??