OMG!!! paypal is trying to get $$$ from my checking account

  1. so this is is a follow up on the sale of the bag i made to that buyer from korea that claimed i sent her an EMPTY box! (thread titled another eBay rant or something along those lines...) i escalated her dispute to a claim, faxed my usps receipt from an actual post office and the paypal rep said they are running 30 days late to investigate the claim when i spoke to paypal less than a week ago.

    so just now i log into my email and i get something from eBay saying i need to pay seller fees of $129.99...then I log into my paypal account and because of the claim, i'm at a negative 2k. what does paypal/eBay do? they pay themselves the $129.99 and the $2k through an echeck so that my account can conveniently be brought back to a 0 balance. WOW. i am so angry that they can do that!!! :cursing:

    i call my checking account immediately and warn them of this. to my dismay...they said that i have to pay a $30.00 stop payment fee. i was in disbelief. i told the manager i was calling to warn them of this unauthorized transaction and they're telling me i need to pay $30?? but i never even authorized that echeck! so i go on to ask her if there's ANY way i can block paypal on my checking account, i don't want any purchases or sale money going to or from this merchant. she says no. her best offer was to stop payment on the echeck. wow great. she said that the transaction wasn't even pending yet but that because it's an echeck it'll clear right away...and that i'd have to file a dispute.


    so i told her i'd go to a branch 1st thing in the AM tomorrow i'm going to close out my checking account with them and open another one........somewhere else!

    has this ever happened to anyone and what were the results?!?! i am in disbelief!!
  2. OMG! I didn't know PayPal can do it!

    Maybe, it 's better to pay $30 to your bank to make sure that payment is stopped. 2K is much more to loose than $30. Just IMO.

    I'm so sorry that happened to you. Girl, fight for your money!
  3. No way, they did that without consulting you first??!! :wtf:
  4. This is why you shouldn't have bank funding on your account.....
  5. Everyone with paypal should have 2 checking accounts at the same bank. Clear your paypal account out every night and withdraw to checking account #1 that you have set up with paypal. Never leave funds in your paypal account.
    Set your checking accounts up so that you can view both accounts online. As soon as you see that the transferred paypal funds are in checking account #1, do an immediate transfer to checking account #2 that is not tied in any way to paypal.
    If paypal comes looking for funds in your #1 checking account, there will be none there.
  6. ^^^ Yup! Totally agree
  7. I thought about opening a special account just for Paypal, but my bank said because they have "overdraft protection" that if paypal tried to take the money out of an empty account the bank would give them the money and consider it an overdraft on my part... so it was no advantage!

    Did you authorized that your Ebay fees be paid by echeck? Because if you authorized Ebay to deduct anything automatically from your checking account that's how they got around taking the rest of the money they think you owe them. I always pay fees by credit card, so I still have chargeback protection.
  8. WOW...that stinks. I'm so sorry! I knew that ebay could take your fees if you have it set up automatically....thought it was illegal for Paypal to do the same.
  9. Great idea!
  10. Something similar happend to me a few years ago. I sold a large pottery set on ebay. Once I had received payment from her I transferred the money to my checking account right away.

    Upon arrival 2 of the bowls from the 24 piece set were broken. The buyer got an amazing deal on this set from me, she paid no where near full price or even half price. She wanted the full retail price back for the bowls and filed a claim with paypal. I agreed that I owed her a partial refund but not what she was asking for. I was willing to give her what I thought she actually paid for the bowls.
    The next thing I know, paypal has sided with the buyer and refunded her the entire purchase price of the set! My paypal account which was tied directly to my checking account went into the negative because I had no money in my paypal account. The money never came out of my checking account though. After contacting paypal, they told me that they did not have authorization to deduct that money from my personal account and that I would need to put funds back into the paypal account to bring the balance back to zero.

    Long story short, the buyer (an obvious scammer in my opionion) got all of her money back as well as a 24 piece pottery set. She never returned the set to me as instructed by paypal let alone the supposed broken bowls. Paypal tried a couple of times to get their money from me but I refused saying that I never got my pottery back. This goes back 3-4 years now and I have not heard another word about it. It has not shown up on any of my credit reports. I did have to open a new paypal account under my husbands name though as mine is frozen.
    Good luck with this, I know it is extremely frustrating!
  11. Holy cow - all these stories are making me think that I should hurry up and rid myself of the stuff that I don't want on eBay and never go near them again. It seems like they are only out to protect the buyer anymore, which I totally don't understand.

    Although, Fashionispoison, can i just point one thing? I think that even if you go this AM and close your account, since there is still a pending transaction, you would owe the bank the money even if the account is closed. If you don't pay, it will end up on your credit report. Plus, you may have problems opening checking accounts in the future. As much as it sucks, I say pay the $30 to stop the transaction, but still close your account so that eBay doesn't have any future access to it.
  12. Yes Paypal does this, this is called piggybacking of your negative balance into a recurring payment that is already authorized to come out of your checking account. Unfortunately is one of those thingies in their user agreement that "we agree to" when we sign up for their service. :mad:

    Best way to protect yourself so that this never happens is to never set up authorization for your ebay fees to be taken out of Paypal. Ever. Either give eBay a debit or credit card number -or- manually authorize the payment from the banking institution as it becomes due (just do not set it up in recurring auto mode).

    If you put a stop payment on your check, two things can happen and you have to weigh everything out in a balance and see what is more important to you. First, Paypal will "limit" your account access either until the echeck is paid (they might keep sending it to the bank!) and/or the negative is restored. Ebay will also put your account in suspension mode at least until the matter is resolved (for nonpayment of fees) but maybe even longer than that, depending on a number of factors.

    If you are selling many items and can afford to wait it out until the dispute is resolved, I would just let the echeck continue its course and hope it is resolved in your favor.

    If you put a stop payment on your echeck keep in mind that Paypal may still try to resend it again with more potential additional fees for you to cover.
  13. I just removed my checking account from paypal! The only reason I had it on there was to transfer money from sales to my account. So I guess now I have to have them send me a check if I sell anything...what a hassle!
    I was never very comfortable with that even tho I asked paypal when I did it and they said they couldn't go into my account without my permission. They is just too much uncertainty with ebay and paypal!
  14. yikes I am scared to leave my bank account on paypal now:sweatdrop:
  15. You can always go to Ebay and disabled the automatic selller's fees payments. Once you do this get a visa gift card and pay your fees with one monthly.

    I have in my ebay account a gift card in file as a authomatic cc payments but because it's empty already I try paying my fees with a valid one as soon as I get the invoice.