OMG! Paypal is holding my money for the b-bags I sold!

  1. I'm having problems with paypal for the 3 b-bags I sold in the past 2 weeks. They put a hold on my account until I can prove authenticity of the handbags. I explained to them that the first bag, the Anis City, was a handbag I purchased from a friend (AmourN20 from this forum) and it's from 2004 so there's no way I can prove its authenticity. But the buyer already received my bag last friday and left me positive feedback.

    As for the black first, I purchased it on ebay. And the Turquoise 2005 City was from a fellow forum member. BUT they said that in order to release my $3250 from paypal, they need for me to prove authenticity?? OMG! what can I do? First off, I already sent these bags off. And second, they're old bags! OMG. I'm soooo mad. :sad2: :mad:
  2. That totally sucks!! I wish I could help you out. I dont know what to say. I guess they are trying to stop sellers from selling fakes. The ones you sold..maybe a letter from the buyers? If they are happy that should be all that matters.
    Good luck and let us know how it turns out.
  3. OMG!!!!that is soooo annoying!!!!:mad: :mad: but Im sorry that this happened to you, ok now you can contact dude coz I think she has this service wherein she would fax authenticity certificate to paypal.

    here's the link:

    goodluck dear!:shame:
  4. I don't understand this. Did they tell you the ways they would accept authenticity? You're right...what if you did purchase from another ebay seller?
  5. OY! How are you supposed to prove authenticity? Omg! That just sucks!
  6. Amour! Can you give me the private auction number that u sold the anis city to me?? They need the auction number. I'm so upset.
  7. Oh, I am so sorry sweetsparkle! Good luck with everything!!!
  8. here you go: 6856000382
  9. I don't get it? Why would they do this to you? Did one of your buyers contact them about a bag you sold saying it wasn't authentic?
  10. OMG!!! maybe someone did huh? that's sooooo horrible:mad:
  11. I can't believe they are doing this to you. Do you know how many fakes that have been sold to me and they never did anything to protect me?

    You'd think they have a better way of doing this... not harrassing the authentic seller!

    Good luck. I'm sorry, I have no advise but I will say a quick prayer for you that they get some common sense and realize how silly they are being with you!

    Sorry that they are giving you this trouble....
  12. I think that is how it usually starts. I don't think paypapl randomly picks, but I could be wrong. How infuriating. People don't know what they are talking about! Maybe it was buyers remorse trying to get out of the deal?
  13. This is horrible. I am fuming right now! Please let me know how this turns out for you. I sware there need to be some sort of class action against ebay and paypal. They are the WORST!!!! I also have had nothing good to say about either! Good luck to you.
  14. Yes, someone probably made a complaint. This stinks for you! I do know they accept dude's authentication letters, though. Good luck and let us know how it all turns out.
  15. They told me that no one contacted them but that this is part of their user agreement. Apparently LV, Prada etc are cracking down on paypal to make sure that all the transactions are for authentic bags! But I sell authentic bags but unfortunately i don't have proof because I buy my own handbags off of ebay! This is such a waste of time....Sigh