OMG!!!!!! Patent Heloise ON SALE........

  1. @ Nordies!!!!!!

    Just got a call from my SA, all the Heloise's( she has all three styles) and Patent paddy's are 40% off:yahoo:!!!!!!

    Call Mary @ 410-296-2111:tup:
  2. Uh oh - I don't need to be learning about any red medium satchel Heloises becoming available on sale. If you find out about one don't mention it here - LOL! (I don't really mean it...)
  3. Oh Divna... I am so sorry but she has RED and ORANGE:nuts:!!!!! Because the mark downs just happened this morning she has quite a few bags available.
    But if you want I can erase what I just said:angel:.....
  4. Ok, it's started, my the same e-mail and ordered the large patent Dome Paddy in chocolate. Couldn't resist, it's all divnanta's fault, her patent paddy looks so great on her, that I decided to try it out. I'm tall and can carry a large bag, so if it doesn't kill my shoulder or make my spine crooked.....LOL, anyway, she's on her way!! Maybe it's the glass of wine I just defenses are down......
  5. Just changed my order to the regular Dome satchel, instead of the large, decided the large is huge........20 x 13.....
  6. OMG....I am drooling over the patent teal colour! Did you guys see that?
    What was the price of the regular size dome stachel llson?

  7. Divna's purse is gorgeous you won't need the wine to dull your guilt after you receive it! Gulp!:true:
  8. ummm, yeah! I saw it. Drooool. I had her holding it for me, then changed my mind. I sure was tempted by those pics! No reg. Heloise though (just patent).
    Divna, it's your fault you carry that so well! I was this close () to ordering a dome too. Dang you!
  9. I would love it in a different shape then the regular Paddy shape!!!
  10. :woohoo: You go girl!!!!! Congrats and I can't wait to see pics!!! The sale season is so very exciting:sweatdrop:.
  11. Smart call Ilson. The large would be enormous - probably beautiful but hard to carry around without bashing it into things. I just love my dome patent so much - I can't even put it into words!!! (I hope my DH doesn't read this ever. Those are pretty intense words about a purse. I don't know if I've ever said that line to HIM?!)
  12. I drink wine all the time. THAT explains it. I think I'll pour me a glass and let me fingers roam over to the phone and call about any stray red Heloises that just might be hanging around. GULP!!!! NOOOoooooooo:wtf::sad:
  13. Hey - that dang purse will look good on all of us!!! I defy the Bag Snob to say something bad about it. It. is not too big and not too small and the glaze on the patent isn't too in your face. The leather is so rich and scrumptious. If you don't put too much inside the weight is more bearable than my regular large Paddy. Realize that Neiman's and Bergdorfs are still showing them at full retail and I know that Bloomies also has them. So right after Xmas they should be marked down 50%. But no guarantee that any will be in stock. 40% works just as well:tup::heart:!
  14. The price was $1935 less 40% ($1161). I first ordered the large one and it was $2100-2200 (less the 40%--don't remember exact price).... then decided it was too big and called and changed my order to the regular patent dome.
  15. llson? What colors did they have in the patent dome? Brown, black and blue (sounds like a bruse, LOL).