OMG Panda Agenda on Ebay sooooooo cheap !

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  1. It seems to be real ? I hope im right lol !
  2. fake..
  3. OMG :crybaby:im so glad I didnt buy it ! thankyou PFr's :flowers:
  4. omg someone bought it..
  5. Someone just bought it within minutes of me posting this :wtf: . I hope a member didnt buy this :crybaby:
  6. I think a member bought it !...the person bought it about 3 minutes after I posted this thread and there were 8 members looking at this thread just after I posted it :s
  7. at least the inside refills are real. lol. but the agenda is very fake. i feel sorry for that poor soul who bought it.
  8. Well..I doubt it..or more I hope not..

    I hope cookiemonster101 read this then..
  9. Yah, once I clicked on the link I could tell it was fake. The arms gave it away.
  10. The item is fake. You can tell by the colors on the panda as well.
  11. OMG good job I didnt Hit BIN ! :s
  12. Prior to posting, if you're not sure about authenticity, you may want to post the item in the authenticate this sticky.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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