OMG!! Our little roadtrip!......sorry kinda long~

  1. OK, so for a week i've been wanting to but the Neverful GM and then i saw it, it was HUGE! :sad: Then i asked some peeps here for some advice and maybe get the Neverfull MM instead. I went over to the LV store and emediatly i got annoyed! The store was empty and the SA were just standing in the corner. So me and my friend were browsing and not even one of them came to ask is if they could help us!:shocked:

    So i went up to one of them and asked if they could help us. One guy looked at the other guy (he gave him a look like "why do i have to help them" )
    So i was kinda pissed! I got the Neverfull GM but i wasn't satisfied with it so i asked if i could see the MM.
    I wasn't even done asking my question and he said that they didn't have it right now. At this point i was really getting pissed coz he was being so rude! I said that i'm quite lost and i didn't know which one to choose. He didn't even offerd if he could show me some other bags to compare:hysteric:

    My friend wanted the Eugenie epi leather white.
    So she asked if she could take a look. He said "NO! we don't have that and i don't know when it's coming" At this point there were prolly just 2 other customers...
    And then i asked if they did have it in black. He said ""the epi leather? It's only made in monogram and in white" Me and my friend looked at eachother and we were like :wtf: WTF!!! He doesn't even know what he's talking about!!!!!
    So i said, let's just go. I don't want to BE here!!

    We asked a a friend that lives here where the nearest LV store was. She said it was 1,5 hour drive. So the 3 of us got in the car and had a mini roadtrip! :smile:

    Once we got in there a woman came to us and asked she she could help us! :yes:. We were soooo happy!
    So explained everything and that i didn't know which bag to choose and then she took us to a room and showed us EVERYTHING!! she was really sooo sweet! offered us drinks and everything!:okay:
    She said the pro's and con's of the neverfull and compared other bags to my everyday activities!

    So my friend ended up with her Eugenie Epi leather and i ended up buying the Lockit Horizontal :yahoo:
    I :heart: it!!! It's really classy!!!
  2. Wow, sorry you had to suffer that jerk of an SA, but at least the other store made up for it big time!! i think that if they know you have been treated bad elsewhere, they will treat you like the queen so as not to let the company make a bad impression on you. And congrats on the new purchases!!
  3. yeah it was sooo terrible! I couldn'y believe the way they were treating us!
  4. girly road trips are GREAT!!!! the best fun ever! You should send that mean SA a card to commen the great service you recieved at the other store and thank him for sending you on a great road trip. With a box of experied chocs too! The lockit is a great bag!!!
  5. Wow! What is the matter with these SAs? Good to hear it worked out in the end for you and your friend.
  6. Sorry to hear about how you were treated in the first store, some people are just so rude! but at least you had a good time in the second and got a new Lockit, i love that bag, congrats!
  7. I see youre in NYC, I'm planning a visit there in July, I hope I dont go to that first LV store you were at (which one was it, BTW?)....
  8. Why are the rudest people always employed in the nicest boutiques?

    I'm glad everything worked out for you and your friend, enjoy your purchases!
  9. That sounds like so much fun! Too bad about the first store, you should say something to the manager.
  10. omg that is insane, hah. glad you got the LH though, one of my favorite bags!!
  11. Nope, it wasn't in new york.We were in Holland, Amsterdam.

    The second store was in Belgium, Antwerp.
  12. congrats on your new bag!
    too bad that SA was so rude, when you are going to spend BIG money they should treat you like a princess!
  13. the second SA was it a lady with redish hair? She is SO NICE! All the SA's in Antwerp are great! I went to Amsterdam once (I am from Holland but live closer to the Antwerp store) but I really didn't like the SA's there!
  14. congrats on the lockit horizontal! that was a really rude sa.
  15. Congrats on your new bag!
    And well, a road trip in Holland can't be bad, huh?
    Too bad about the funky SA's, but at least the next store was up to par!