OMG!! Only 4 baby spies left with Fendi Hong Kong?!

  1. Hi all, I was intrigued with the baby spy style after reading the baby spy threads here :love: So I went to the store (I am in Hong Kong), and I saw the real bag which is even prettier, so light and style against any outfits seems amazing. So I was planning on buying myself the ever first b spy. I was about to go buy it last night but unfortunately before I went to the store I did called Fendi to check on their stock availability, I was stocked with the one (the displayed b spy) i saw the other night was actually today I phoned again, and I was kinda amazed that Fendi told me with the count included the display I saw sold the other night, there was only 4 baby spies in black available in Hong Kong. Oh, so I am going to purchase the third baby spy left later this evening after work..:yahoo: Hope the bag will be in great condition, and hope to report back here later after the purchase of my first baby spy bag..wait n see :heart::woohoo:
  2. ooo - i'm from HK as well... just wondering - how much is the baby spy in HKD? (boyfriend will be heading to HK next week - maybe i'll tell him to grab me one - if there's any left :shrugs:

    the one i saw in Neiman Marcus was either $1080 or $1280 USD... (was looking at the large magic and the baby spy and i forgot which was which)

    do you know if all baby spies are the same price? or are they diff depending on the color?

    post pics please!
  3. Hi Mango416!! If the price in NM is $1080 or $1280 USD then it is defintely cheaper than the selling price in HK, my baby spy is around $1228 USD, a purchase made from Fendi boutique. Yes, yeah, I have made my purchase finally, thanks to the forum and fabulous Fendi ladies here who have contributed posting pictures and adding information on the site!!! I looovee the baby spy style!! And I think the price is the same regardless on the differences of the color, but stocks might be limited.
  4. Hi, this is my Baby Spy, black, I love it. The bag is soft, roomy, distinsive, can't find a reason y not to love it :yahoo::love:

    Then becoz it is Christmas, purchases over the amount of $7000 HKD, a free gift was given, it is a set of 4 Fendi Christmas Ornaments! Merry Christmas isn't it!:heart: :woohoo:
    f1.jpg f2.jpg f3.jpg f4.jpg f5.jpg
  5. btw ladies, do anyone know how to post photos in a big size on the forum? Thanks a zillion!
  6. thanks for the info - one good thing about shopping in HK is there are no tax...guess i'll wait a bit - i just bought my fendi magic in the small size....i love it....but now i'm debating if i should return it and get the baby spy...
  7. took me a while to figure this out...there's a size limit of about 64KB to post pics....the camera pictures are definitely bigger than that.. i've already uploaded all of my pictures onto and so i went back there and save the picture to my computer - that way is less than the 64KB....

    when you reply to messages - click on 'go advanced' - as you scroll down - there's an option 'manage attachments' - that's where you attach the file...
  8. woops - i completely did not read the question - you can disregard my previous message

    nope - dont know how to upload pics in big size - i think you can link it to a website - but dont know how to do that
  9. ya, i think you definitely need to upload the pics onto a website, then link it back here used html, well, no pain, I can still use the attachment func, thanks!

    HK is nice with no tax, right! This year, our govt was discussing about having GST imposed in HK, still at the stage of a debate. I guess soon one day HK will have Goods and Services Tax as well, but not today, so still, enjoy shopping!!
  10. Congrats!
  11. congrats on your baby spy! it's so cute!
  12. Thank you all ladies! I am enjoying my bag soo much, it is soft and roomy, loving! I can even carry myself a reading book out without looking so bulky with a large bag! I love it! :tup:
  13. Congrats, the baby spy is such a great bag; it holds a lot without looking bulky.
  14. Congratulations.
  15. I agree that the bag does looks great when it is packed to the fullest ! I will stuff a reading book in to keep the shape :p