OMG - Only $1495.00 for the Large Guccissima Pelham

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  1. I had to get it....So I'm leaving the Mall and I had to walk through NM and I decided to take a quick look by Gucci although I didn't plan on buying anything :sad:(I told my fiance I wouldn't buy anything until after our wedding in July unless I find the Purple Guccissima Pelham) and for some reason I asked the SA to see the Large Chocolate Guccissima Pelham. As she was getting it I said "the large is $1995.00 right", she said $1895.00. Then I look and the ticket has $1495.00. So she checks the book and says "Oh, your right, $1995.00" (I knew I was right) Anyway...she had to give it to me for what it was ticketed for, $1495.00. Plus I got a $250.00 NM Gift Card. :woohoo: I think I did pretty good. So ladies, always check the prices becuase they have to honor that ticketed price if they mess up!
  2. OOh you got it for the canvas price! I love it when things are marked wrong!!! i got my med canvas for 835$

    how do you like her so far? Will she be a shoulder or elbow/handheld?

    I am so happy for you!:wlae:

    *tries to touch the leather through the screen*
  3. Not the Purple...but I love It. Probably shoulder cause it so big but I haven't worn it yet.
  4. Great deal, congrats!
  5. I thought the med and large have the same should straps and that the bag is just a different size. well if u can handle it on your shoulders send me a pic so i can learn =P
  6. OMG ! Congrats! Where are the modeling pics?
  7. I'll try to get some on here tonight
  8. Awesome deal! Which pelham is it? Studded??
  9. you rock!!!!
  10. well done.. its alwasy good to do yr price research..;)
  11. Oooo...that is currently my dream bag... i'm kinda small so i want the medium one, but $1495 is an awesome price!
  12. Oh yeah this is that bag you wanted! I would love to see the large in modeling! on the site it says it is only less than 2 inches less wide and 1.5 inches in height.. does that make a huge diff? well i guess i can always lose weight to make my med bag look better lol (what great motivation! )
  13. Sorry for the delay of the pics i been really busy.
  14. I love the Pelham the colour of your is gorgeous. Congrats and a great price too.
  15. Ohhh, what a steal! I was just at NM today, here in VA and just looked around...had I known about their tendencies to mess up with the tag price...I would have checked the bags that I like for their prices :sad: