OMG!! One word INK

  1. Ok so I had purchased an Ink Twiggy from Barneys and I was kind of worried that I might not like it. From all the pics online Ink looked pretty blue/purple. Well I just opened my Barney's box and there she was. :love: She is so purty!!!!! Not at all what I expected. She almost looks black. I put her under a light and there was a slight blue/purple but nothing bright. Gosh now I know what everyone was thinking!!!! I will post pics of the whole bbag family when I receive my other 3 babies. I now want an Ink Weekender. That would be so awesome!!!! :love: :love: :love:
  2. :yahoo: YAAAYYY welcome to the club giggles!!!! The magic of Ink could only be truly understood by those who've seen it in IRL :love::love: She must be a beauty! Congrats!!! What's your other 3 babies btw?
  3. Well so far I have a 06' pale rose hobo, Cornflower Twiggy and now an Ink Twiggy. I am waiting for a Black City (should be coming tomorrow, Shirise marked my address and telephone number down wrong so my overnight shipping was a waste) 04' Rose Twiggy, and (crossing my fingers) white First. I am bidding on the 04' Lilac but who knows. :smile:
  4. oh WOW you're in on that 04 lilac? Good luck!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Thank you Lol who knows, I probably won't get it seeing as the bidding is going crazy.
  6. Congrats on the ink twiggy! You have been busy, girl! Lol!
  7. Lol I think I have gone mad :smile: I am just crazy for Bbags
  8. congrats! i think i want one too now...:amuse:
  9. congrats giggles!! you have been on a huge bbag shopping spree!!! can't wait to see pix of your entire bbag family!!!
  10. congrats...
  11. Congrats! Ink is my favorite color.
  12. Can't wait to see pics!!!
  13. Yay! Congrats and welcome to the ink family! It is such an amazing color! I know you will really enjoy your twiggy! AND can I just say, you have one hell of a collection, and so jealous you are getting an 04 rose! GORGEOUS!:love::love::love:
  14. YIPEEEEE! Congrats on your new ink and all of your other new Bbags to be! Reading this thread makes me want to change out of my magenta and back into my ink for a while LOL!!!
    Im keeping my fingers crossed for you on that 04 lilac. HOPE you get it!!