OMG One Indigo Vernis Agenda left on Elux !!!

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  1. I wish Elux shipped to the UK :sad: LOL
  2. too late... no longer in stock
  3. OOps, i take that back.. i think it is still avail.
  4. Who got it ???????? tell and please post pics when it arrives ! :graucho: :nuts:
  5. oooooooo someone get it !!!!! :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
  6. If you click on color - like you're going to order, you'll see they don't have Indigo. Unfortunately, they've had that picture up for a long time, but haven't carried the color in months. It's kind of a tease.
  7. Hi, when I went on before I posted this, the Indigo colour was available for you to select. someone has bought it, which lucky member got this ??? I :heart: Indigo :flowers:
  8. Oh ladies you will not regret that one for the one who bought it. I :heart: Indigo!!
  9. Such a beautiful color - I wish I had been into/able to afford LV when they had that color. Now I'll have to continue searching eBay :drool:
  10. Oh - Someone is VERY LUCKY!
  11. Darn it! I go to take a nap and it pops back up. :sad: Congrats to whoever got it!!
  12. Love this color, will look so nice with azur!
  13. did people really go crazy over this color when it came out or something?