Omg Omg What A Day!!!!!!!!


Aug 2, 2006
Ok here it goes, today my mom reserved a seat a the poker table at the Borgata in Atlantic City and she asked if I would take her down. She is staying there until Monday, but I had to go back right after because I had graduation practice. So I would drive back tomorrow morning to spend the weekend down there. So we left around 11 and around 12 we stopped for some gas. My mom said she was going inside to get some coke from the vending machine. So she goes in I get gas and we head off. Well about 20 min later she said OMFG my bag!!! SO i'm like $hit, so i cut across the Garden State Parkway, I doing around 110 trying to get to the gas station asap, she crying and really freaking out and I'm trying to stay clam, mind you the bag was a RED epi alma with CC's phone, and a LOT i mean a lot of cash so she could play in the tournament. THANK GOD that there are good people in the world, we get to the gas station I run in and the bag is left untouched next to the vending machine. My body was still shaking when we got back in the car and I just got home about 20 min ago and i'm still shaking!! She was crying out of happiness lol. Just though Id share our Extremely lucky experience today!!!
Jun 30, 2006
wow, I'm surprised the bag was still there! That is so awesome and whew, what a relief. I would have been freaking out!!!