OMG OMG Twiggers' First BBag Has Arrived WOOWOO!!!

  1. WOW....I've been at home all day waiting (well I'm off I'm not really doing anything else LOL)! And it came...OMFG...this is gorgeous! I want more...NOW!!!!

    OK...back to earth...what did I get you ask? Well only fitting that TWIGGERS got a TWIGGY as her first Bbag!!! And not just any 'ole Twiggy...a divine 2005 Sky Blue Twiggy that was brand new with the tags still attached!!!!
    OMG....I am in love....and even PHH said 'i like that color now let me go back to sleep'!!!! that I have it...anything special I need to do to it? Do you think it could be worn in the rain...or is it too light and I'd have to worry about water spots?




    No flash:


    Flash again:



    OK..another question...I am loving this feels so different than the 2006 cornflower & ink I touched one feels smoother and not so crinkly. So, knowing you think I'd like 2007?

    OMG...I am in LOVE!!!!! (for a split second I thought about also selling the remainder of my LVs LOLOL)!
  2. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    CONGRATS TWIGGERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    its gorgeous :love:
  3. It's lovely! What a fabulous find - congratulations!
  4. Thank you!!! I have like a perma-grin stuck on my face right now LOL I wanna go somewhere just to carry her LOL
  5. Congrats on your first bbag!!
  6. TWIGGERS!!! CONGRATULATIONS, girl! What an awesome first Bbag! I'm so glad you went for that gorgeous color and year! And a Twiggy, too! The leather is simply TDF! I'm so happy for you, congrats again!
  7. Beautiful bag, Twiggers! I can't imagine you'll have a hard time finding things to wear with that one, either.

    You might want to spray it down well with some Apple Rain and Stain Repellent (and then repeat every month). That way if something spills on it, you can wipe it clean. It should also protect it from the rain. I live in Seattle and carry my Bbags every day, rain or shine.
  8. Thank you VB & couture!!! Yes...the leather is soft and smooshy...ahhhh I love it!!! And whoever was original owner never evn took of the LVR tags...I'm so picky that this was the perfect bag! Now I need more twiggys, maybe a city and a first!!! Yea....just like bag and I'm hooked!
  9. OK.....I am sure there are threads somewhere in here about how to do that? I am so paranoid of putting things on my bags for fear of ruining them LOL

    And thank you!!!! It is darker than I pictured in my head...but with a blue...she will definetly go with just about everything!
  10. cONGRATS!!!! What an awesome find! :tup:
  11. GORGEOUS.:heart: One of the best blues ever and what a find!!! Congratulations, so which color is next? They are addicting you know? :graucho:
  12. Hoooray!!!! So pretty. That color will go with everything!
  13. Congrats on a beautiful smooshy hot Twiggy!!! :yahoo:
    Where did you manage to find her? Perhaps you could post a modeling pic? :graucho:I'm thinking about getting a twiggy next too :yes:
  14. :drool: That bag is TDF! Congratulations on finding such an awesome bag in mint condition!
  15. ^^^oh I know!!! I am contemplating...I need a red and I really like the violet! So the red I'm tossed up whether to get tomato or maybe a VIF twiggy. With the violet I'm tossed up between twiggy or city? I need a city...maybe a neutral...LOL listen to me....I'm gonna be so broke!