OMG, OMG this is a Gorgeous Geranium Bleecker Elisa Slim Duffle, Take a Look...

  1. If I must say so myself, this is one gorgeous Geranium Bleecker Elisa Slim Duffle! I had to have her, and I don't regret it because she's a Beauty. She's more like the color in the first pic. Come on Springtime...
    IMGP0479tpf.jpg IMGP0506tpf.jpg
  2. Wow. I love the color. Congrats!
  3. Its SO BIG...but I love it with that color! Enjoy!
  4. OMG!!! I love that bag!!! It looks so good on you! Congrats!
  5. WOW, can that name be any longer?? LOL!! It is a nice BIG bag! Is it a burnt orange or more red? It is going to be a gorgeous fall bag! My husband would just kill me if I had a bag for every season. He is going to die when he finds out how much my new Carly bag was. And to add to that I also got a LV black Multicolor Alma :wtf:
  6. Stunning! Great bag, love the color and the pockets.
  7. very beautiful! I love big bags and it looks wonderful on you! Congrats!
  8. I LOVE big bags!!:love:
  9. OMG! That is a stunning color! Someone please tell me that this is the color of the geranium Madeline!! I love it!! Beautiful bag and congratulations!!
  10. I've seen the Geranium Madeline IRL, and it is the same color as this Elisa. I think you will love her when she arrives!
  11. It's absolutely LOVELY! Definitely one of a kind! Congrats!!
  12. Thanks, coachgrl! I'm so excited! I am so impatient! It seems to take forever when you have to exchange by mail! I hope it gets here one day next week! Your new bag is just gorgeous! I love the laced details on the pockets too! Awesome!
  13. tlloveshim, Thanks so much for your comments. I have the Elisa in Walnut so I already love this style.

    I've never done an exchange with JAX, but I suppose you could call for a status like with any other order. They should be able to look it up if it's in some stage of processing. I hope you love her when she arrives!
  14. ^^ Yeah, I called yesterday and it's not showing up in the system yet. Bummer! She said it could take 2 to 3 weeks. Usually it takes 10-14 days based on other exchanges I've done. I should have it by the 15th. It seems sooooo far away though! LOL! I suppose if I don't love it, I'll send it back and just get credit. That's fine with me too, just something to look forward to later!
  15. Wow that is a stunning bag. I love it! Congrats!