OMG, excited.........

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  1. Dh just called and the lady from LV called him.....they have an Adele bag for me!!! :yahoo: Fed Ex already picked up for today, but they are overnighting it and it will go out tomorrow....means I'll have it Wed!! :P For those of you that remember dh had gotten me the Leopard Stephen for our 10yr anniversary, but it was just too I'm hoping this works out for me!!

    Talk about a GREAT week for handbags. Thanks to a WONDERFUL "pfer" I'm getting my Bronze/Khaki Coco Cabas (should be here Wed or Thurs), now this AND I just got the Marc Jacobs Hudson on Friday of last week! :wlae:

    Just so excited and had to share!
  2. congrats! please post modeling pics when they arrive. stephen was too big for me also.
  3. Congrats!

    You're going to :heart: Adele. She is hot and stunning!
  4. thats awesome, congra'ts. What a great bag just before Xmas.
  5. Congratz! Michelle, you must show us pics -- model them for us or get your 4 lil' princesses to model them!
  6. Congrats!! I had also purchased a leopard Stephen, & exchanged it for the Adele!! I hope that you love it as much as I do. :love: It's a great size & doesn't need its own chair :roflmfao: at a movie, or seat on a plane.
  7. Congrats!!
  8. I remember you saying the Stephen was too big for you, you have really waited for the right thing congrats!!!!!!
  9. congrats on your adele, I cant wait for pictures!
  10. Congrats I love the shape of the Adele:heart: Can't wait to see photos:wlae:
  11. What is the price of the Adele?
  12. Beautiful bag and congrats!
  13. :nuts: I love the shape too. Congrats and please post pics when it arrives:love:
  14. Ahh that's sooo exciting!!! I'm so glad that they have one for you and I can't wait till you receive it!!

  15. Congrats!