OMG! OMG! Saw a blue Bay bag at NM today!

  1. It was the regular Bay satchel, non quilted, in a gorgeous blue color - kind of like the blue Bettys. I couldn't find a subtle way to take a pic because it was on the bottom shelf, AND there were SAs milling about. It was sooo pretty though! Does anyone have one? If so, post pics for everyone! :heart:
  2. I know what you are talking about I saw it in Paris a while ago. It's an amazing color but sorry no pics.
  3. I saw that blue Bay a couple weeks ago at Aloha Rag. I loved the color and was really interested, but I already had the navy and wanted to hold out for the unquilted white one. :love: I think if you go to their site and refresh at the splash page, they have a picture with it in there.
  4. I just got onefrom the Tokyo Chloe store!! The color is called Royal and it's a small sized non-quilted Bay. It's a pretty bright blue color and I've been meaning to take pics and post them for you guys...I'll do that tonight!
  5. oooh fabby Redney, cant wait to see piccies :biggrin:
  6. hi Chloe fans! as promised, here are pics of my new Royal Bay. :heart: I took a pic of my metallic aubergine Paddy with it for a size comparison. Please forgive the pics...I'm currently traveling for work and I'm in my hotel room.

    I've never seen the small Bay before but but fell in love with the color and the size.. It's boxy but it easy to carry and can fit a lot without looking bulky. It also has a shoulder strap which kinda slides off my shoulder. It's detachable and I might remove it. As for the color, I just love it!! and have received a lot of compliments!!
    Royal Bay front.JPG Bay back.JPG Bay with shoulder strap flash.JPG Bay elbow flash.JPG Bay hand flash.JPG
  7. More :heart:
    Bay hand no flash.JPG Bay and metallic aubergine Paddy.JPG Royal Bay.JPG
  8. That's beautiful Redney! Thanks for sharing the pics.:yes:
  9. redney, thanks for posting! I have been racking my brain all night trying to think about how I could sneak my camera into NM (I work across the street) and take some pics for you all. Now I don't have to - and your pics are WAY better. Thanks for sharing those. It is sooooo pretty! I have been drooling ever since I saw it.....:yes:
  10. thank you, bag-mania and luvmygirls0! :heart: It was one of those do I-don't I-do I-don't I decisions...but the SA said Chloe didn't make many in blue (the Tokyo store only got 3 blues total - 2 small and 1 hobo style) I just had to get it. And I'm really glad I did!!
  11. I am in love!
  12. I saw this color at NM and loved it. I may be about to break my no more Bays ban.
  13. OMG!! Is really cute. I have the navy and now I want that one. The color is gorgeous and very nice looking. I like the long strap which makes it very versatile. Congrats!!
  14. ooooh soooo pretty!!!! :love:
  15. Redney, your Bay is so gorgeous! :heart:

    I havent seen the small one with shoulder strap IRL but it looks a great size and so handy with the shoulder strap too :yes:

    Congrats!!! :yahoo: