OMG OMG OMG Sex and the city is coming back !!!!!!!!!

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  1. OMG news just in :nuts:

    News for
    "Sex and the City"

    Cattrall Confirms 'Sex and the City' Movie
    24 December 2006 (WENN)
    Kim Cattrall has confirmed that the highly-anticipated feature film version of Sex And The City is officially back on. Since the series ended in 2004, rumors have been circulating the cast would eventually bring the show to the big screen. Cattrall, who played sex-mad public relations exec Samantha Jones on the series, has spent the last three and a half months acting in David Mamet's The Cryptogram in London. She admits she only found out about the film when she came back to the US. She tells American publication Star, "I've just come home and there was just this flood of excitement!" Media reports have claimed the previously planned film fell apart because Cattrall refused to appear with other cast members, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon. Catrall puts the rumors to rest adding, "I'm just so glad we haven't been missed or forgotten!"

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  2. Sex and the City: The movie


    From Mike Parker
    in Los Angeles

    THE stars of Sex and the City are poised to sign a deal for a big-budget movie sequel to their hugely successful six-year television series.

    Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis and Sarah Jessica Parker have agreed to reunite after two years of in-fighting, “artistic differences” and huge pressure from Hollywood executives.

    They have indicated they will each take basic pay of £1million – small by Hollywood standards, but likely to be hugely boosted by contracts giving them a percentage of box-office takings and DVD profits.

    The final piece of the jigsaw clicked into place last week when English-born Kim Cattrall, 50, returned home to Los Angeles after a three-month stint in London’s West End in David Mamet’s The Cryptogram. She said: “I’m just so glad we’ve been missed.”

    That was the first indication to the HBO cable television network, which made 96 episodes between 1998 and 2004, and Paramount, which will distribute the movie, that Kim was ready at last to talk business.

    Within 48 hours she told show creator Darren Star and writer and executive producer Michael Green that any differences between her and other cast members have long been buried.

  3. YESS!!! I FRICKEN LOVED THE SERIES, ive watched all of them at least 2-3 times, cant wait!! Thanks for posting.
  4. A senior network source said: “Kim was really the only hold-out in the group, but now she’s keen to get rolling.

    “In the past there has been some acrimony over her salary compared to that of Sarah Jessica. Kim also expressed reluctance to tread old ground as an actress. Although she loved playing Samantha Jones for six years, she wanted to move on. Now, however, she’s changed her mind on that score and knows there will be a level playing field regarding salaries.”

    The deal giving all four stars a share of profits could net them up to £5million each. The only problem would be planning a schedule to allow for their existing commitments.

    Kim Cattrall and Kristin Davis, 41, are immediately available. But Sarah Jessica Parker, also 41, and Cynthia Nixon, 40, are deeply involved in other projects.

    Cynthia has just finished one movie, The Babysitters, co-starring John Leguizamo, and is due to start filming Lymelife, with Alec Baldwin.

    Parker, meanwhile, is shooting the comedy drama Smart People, with Dennis Quaid, and has two other movies – A Family Affair and Slammer – due to start production in 2007. Though she earns a fortune from TV commercials and magazine advertising contracts, her movie salaries rank far below those of major box-office stars.

    She was paid just £500,000 for the hit Failure to Launch: co-star Matthew McConaughey banked five times that.

    A source close to her said: “She’s itching to play Carrie Bradshaw again.”

    Fans of the sitcom, about four beautiful New Yorkers gossiping about their ever-changing, often-confusing love lives, have clamoured for a reunion since February, 2004 when the last episode was shown.

    One Paramount executive said: “Without Kim it would never have worked. Her cynical, sexual predator Samantha is key to its success.”

    Thrice-divorced, Liverpool-born Kim has said: “I’ve played sexually-aware women most of my life. At this point I expected to play moms and wives. It’s exciting to play a femme fatale.”
  5. :party: :drinkup: :popcorn: :beach: :happydance:
  6. Yes!!! Missing them so badly
  7. I have mixed feelings about this. I love SATC and all, but what if the movie sucks. Could this be the equivalent to "Rocky Balboa"?? Maybe hollywood (and the world) should move on. Im more than satisfied with the 96 episodes. The characters found contentment, the series finale was perfect. What more could they add to it?? Carrie getting pregnant?? :blink:
  8. I agree with you. Although Im exstatic that they are making a movie. The 6 series ended on a high. Will a movie spoil this ?...who knows. I think it hasnt been long enough for them to bring something like this back. Another series of SATC would have been good but if a movie doesnt make much money and has bad reviews...then SATC will end on a low. Carrie getting pregnant is a bad idea to me. I just dont know what other story lines they could do ?. Until I see it...I cant really express my opinion :smile:
  9. Interesting! Thanks so much for posting this! :smile:
  10. hey! thats a great news.. i cant wait! :happydance: :happydance:
  11. I'm in total agreement with you - sometimes as Thomas Wolfe said " you can't go home again". I hope it doesn't end with a bomb of a movie.
  12. OMG!!! it's a great great great news:wlae: :yahoo: :jammin:
  13. yahoooooo!!!! i'm so excited!!!
    at least the film will shows lots of great clothes... kinda disappointed with devil wears prada...
  14. They are bringing SATC back? I'm very interested in seeing how this will unfold:yes:

    Now, if only Showtime will bring back "Queer As Folk" ...

  15. I am with you 100%.:yes: