OMG OMG OMG OMG - Loehmann's in Farmington Hills, Michigan

  1. I never in a million years thought that I would EVER find ANY Toki in Michigan!

    I stopped after work for some dinner with co-workers, and we went to the Loehmann's in the same shopping complex.

    Walked in, and went to the handbag sections - and saw one Citta Nuvola. At this point my hopes were already low, because like I said above - ZERO Toki seen so far. I walked to the back of the handbag section, and here is what I found!!!! (SORRY, I can't remember the prices!)

    1 Foresta Trenino
    2 Citta Trenino
    2 Cita Rosa Trenino
    1 Camo Playground Luna (missing qee and inside carabiner)
    1 Black Playground Luna
    1 Camo Playground Caramella
    4 Citta Backpacks (can't remember name)
    2-4 Citta Nuvola
    1 Citta Portatelefono
    1 Arancia Zucca
    1 Arancia BV
    1 Arancia Nuvola

    Oh, I wanted SO many, but settled on one of 2 Camo Playground Lunas. They said they don't ship, but they can hold things for about 24 hours. They received these less than a week ago and aren't selling extremely fast. Probably because no one in Michigan knows about them! I am planning on going with my family there this weekend.

    The Camo Playground Luna was priced at $129.99 and I got an additional 10% off for signing up for their free rewards point card. I also got a 20% off coupon to use between June 16 and the 27, and a 10% off coupon that is coming through my email - and I can COMBINE the coupons! So I am heading back as soon as I can use these coupons togther, because it says I can!!

    I am on CLOUD 9!!!!!!!!!!!

    The phone number for the store is 248-855-2393. Unfortunately, I don't have enough money to actually go and purchase things and then send them to people, but if you see something you want, call them and have them set it aside and send me the fundage and I can always ship it to you from work - if you guys trust me to! I know, I am new!
  2. oooh congrats GoldenAnkh!! Man that's a pretty major stash of toki at your Loehmann's!
  3. i just mapquested that but it's over 3 hrs I hate living in southern, ohio ONLY 2 more months!
  4. But it could totally be worth it! I work about half a mile away and never even thought they would have this stuff!

    And, my L'amore Denano and Inferno Caramella arrived today! Photos tomorrow!
  5. Cool! I'm glad another Loehmann's got some more Tokidoki bags!!! =)
  6. i would consider it friday if gas goes down. I dunno it seems very far to drive for toki but it'd be nice to see some in person, i agree!
  7. Yeah, I know! Right now, I am fairly sure Michigan has the highest gas in the country, including Hawaii! (WTF?!) But, there are a few stations right around there that are at $3.47 right now, which is the lowest I have seen it in the Detroit Metro area!

    If you come up Friday, stop by my work and say Hello! I am between 13 Mile and 14 Mile, across from the Taco Bell at FLUTE WORLD!
  8. GoldenAnkh, you hit a toki goldmine there! How exciting :yahoo:

    Can't wait to see your photos.
  9. My mistake - the Lunas that they have I think are officially called Camo Playground Olive and Camo Playground Black...
  10. eeee did u get a good look at the citta rosa trenino?! did it show the pink haired girls on the front or back in full?!
  11. what an awesome stash at your loehmanns. i keep wishing i could find a caramella at one of mine. i hope they keep getting more toki stuff.
  12. i'll see if i can kidnap the roomie (sassafras) hehe.
  13. Wow, dinky little Farmington Hills, huh? That's where I grew up. ^^
  14. I found some at the Irvine location near me... they had 6 citta scuolas, 1 arancia zucca, 1 arancia ciao ciao and 1 arancia bv... I think that was it... I nabbed a CR trenino that I might put up on LJ or eBay :shrugs:
  15. Cool! Now it's all large and covered in strip malls! :sad: