OMG OMG OMG - New Harry Potter Trailer!

  1. ok - I'm 30 and basically dancing in my seat right now after viewing this trailer...

    this movie looks phucking INCREDIBLE!!! and I've only seen, what, 2 minutes of it? (it should be there on the main page to click on)
  2. I am also 30 and very excited about the movie. I even signed up for the new book already at B&N. Yes, I'm a nerd!
  3. I seen the trailer and thought I would die! I cannot wait for it to be in theaters and don't even get me started on waiting for the 7th book.
    btw...I am also
  4. I am 33 and I am more excited about this movie than my 10 year old! Every time I bring it up he just rolls his eyes at me!!! LOL!!!:lol: Can't wait!!!:yahoo:
  5. so we can start the over 30 HP fan club?

    I had a few women from my office (all at least 10 years older than me) in my cube this morning watching the trailer on the official website (not as good, IMO, as the one in the link posted above.) We were all held in rapture while it was playing.

    then we couldn't remember if the book came out before the movie...and my coworker said "it can't...if she for some reason kills off harry (NOOOO!!!!), no one will go see the movie!"

    too true.

    oh - and on this morning...I noticed the following release dates:
    HP and the Half Blood Prince - 2008
    HP and the Dealthy Hallows - 2010.

    yep - another movie next summer! those poor (filthy stinkin' rich) kids..seems like alot of work in a year, no?
  6. The trailer is great. I love Harry Potter. I have all the books, the books on tape, and the DVDs.
  7. OMG My son too! LOL:roflmfao: I keep trying to get him excited and he is a little but not like me!
  8. Okay I am 25...BUT I LOOOOOVE everything Harry Potter and cannot wait for both BOOK and the Movie, the trailer looks very promising!!! i am so excited!!
  9. The DH and I are real excited too. In the 5 years we have been married, HP are the only books he has ever read! lol btw, I'm 25 and he is 29. Our 12 year old nephew just let's us read the books and tell him what happens.
  10. I think I'm the only one in this world who's never been interested in Harry Potter, book or movie.
  11. Theres a new trailer!!!!
    I gotta check this out.... oooh im so excited now :choochoo:
  12. I've learnt my lesson from Movie 4.. I've seen every single trailer and when the movie came I was BORED which is baaaaaaaaad for a HP fan like me... The only trailer I watched was the first one released in January?!?! I was so pissed off coz they posted it too early! (seven months before the movie!!!)

    Its better seeing the whole thing with a FRESH pair of eyes + memory :heart: Did anyone get me ?? :biggrin:
  13. i do! my husband likes searching out every trailer variation of movies he likes and trying to get me to watch them. but if i already know i'm going to see the movie, i try to only watch the trailers i see at the theaters (and only then b/c i can't fast forward through them). it's better to be suprised. :smile:

    btw....saw the HP OotP trailer in front of spiderman 3. this movie is going to be AMAZING!! i'm so excited for summer!
  14. I can't wait to see this movie :yahoo:
  15. YaaaY !!
    I can`t wait for the movie :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    and the book of course :dothewave: