OMG, OMG, OMG...Kooba!

  1. I posted this in the Kooba forum but HAD to share here:
    SO! last nite we had friends over and i was LOVING my friend's black patent handbag (it seemed like there was a croc pattern on it too), when she tells me that its a KOOBA that her husband got for her FROM KOOBA in return for doing some work for then (he runs an engineering business and i think he helpsthem design their storesor something) - how freaking cool is that???? of course i jumped right in and asked for a red elisha and he said he would ask (this is after several bottles of wine of course) - the bag was very unstructured and had two tote handles and i believe gold hardware - it seemed like a drapey sienna but im really not sure...any thoughts???

    he also told me that there would be a "janine" bag in their next production line named after his wife (my friend) - again, how cool is that????

    also, Kooba is looking into opening up a store right here in Red bank, NJ (a tiffany's just opened and also Coco Pari is there) - yay!
  2. Wow! totally exciting! I have many Kooba's and over in the Kooba Forum we've been patiently waiting for some new styles to come out! You must have been trippin! So the bag.....was it Julia maybe? Go to the Kooba website and see if you can recognize any of them!!
  3. i tried that but nothing jumped out - i was checking out the bag as she was leaving and she was in our foyer where the overhead light was out so it was sorta dim :sad: i'll ask her what style it is but she also mentioned that her hubby had also gotten her a sydney :smile: how sweet!
  4. Gosh--I wonder what it was. Perhaps some new style?!!! When you find out make sure to post!
  5. i'm pretty sure it was a black python ryan :smile: thanks kooba ladies!! And the best part was that my friend was shocked that i knew OF Kooba b/c she had never heard of them! I live in a very all Coach/Vera Bradley/LV area (central NJ) and people don't brance out much (except for me!)
  6. ^Cute story, annvaldivia!
  7. i was wrong - she has the charlie and man, that is one hot bag!!
  8. I thought about buying a Charlie just a few days ago for $310...slept on it and it was gone!
  9. That is so cool! Jealous!