Omg Omg Omg Jump On This Someone!!!

  1. I went to the Scottsdale Fashion Square boutique tonight to buy a Damier Azur Pochette Accessories...and on their a SPECIAL ORDER DAMIER CABAS MEZZO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:drool:

    OMG I about DIED!! I already have a Saleya GM or that baby would have been MINE!!

    My SA said that apparently, a lady ordered 2 (one from their store, one from a CA store) and the CA one came in first, so they are selling it! I believe it is 1300.

    It is soooo gorgeous...someone please grab this!!

    **Also, they had a Damier Azur Speedy 30 is anyone is still looking:nuts:
  2. That is hot! I still want a mono cabas mezzo after I get some more work done around the house...
  3. ^LOL !

    Jared was there tonight...I think he said check on the 15th for the LVOE scarves/bandeaus.

    Also, the reason u haven't heard from him is he lost your phone #...he accidentally threw out some of his client contacts!!

    I gave him your # again, though :smile:
  4. Ooh! What's look like? Like Saleya?
  5. Kind of...but it isn't as big as the GM
  6. Actually someone here has one. I saw a pic of it the other day. It's a nice big tote, and the damier version doesnt have vachetta on the bottom.
  7. It is SO GORGEOUS...I seriously had it on my shoulder...SO was like "Get it!!" and I declined...if I didn't have my Saleya, I totally would have snatched it up!
  8. It's a great size and proportion but I have to use it as my reward for cleaning my junky storage room because it's the only bag I want until I see the fall stuff. So maybe in a month or two I can get it.

    So what did you end up getting tonite?
  9. I was so good!! I just got the Azur Pochette Accessories!! I am so in love with it!
  10. I'm so glad you love it! I love the azur with your coloring.

    So I guess next week I can finally get my LVOE stuff!
  11. ^Thanks!!!!

    OK Well I'm going to bed now!!

    Talk 2u soon :smile:
  12. OOO!! That would be SO cute. I wanna see!
  13. It sounds so cute.
  14. Ahhhh, I need this baby!!