OMG OMG OMG, I think I scored a MJ Stam for $199!!!

  1. I'm just called a Nordies Rack and did a charge send. This is a pic of it:


    I verified that it's calf leather. It looks like a stam right? :drool:
  2. Thats crazy, did they say why?

    Congrats anyway! Looks like a black patchwork stam all right. Enjoy your new baby, and don't forget to post modeling pics when it arrives.:heart:
  3. could be a baby stam. or a refurb. awesome find. the NR close to my grandmas house had uninteresting MJ
  4. Awesome!!! That is most definitely a MAJOR Score!!!
  5. Which Rack is that? Do they still have more?
  6. No idea but I someone posted that they got one for $199 too from NR so I tried looking for one. And I found one!!! :yahoo:

    BTW, does the patchwork come in different sizes? Like baby and regular?
  7. OH - MY - GAWSH!!!!

    Which NR was that? How is that even possible?????
    What a lucky find - not only is rare to find a Stam at a NR - But a BLACK one!! - Not to mention that it's like 90% off!!!

    Did you find a 4-leaf clover today? Wish upon a star last night?
    What's your secret?!?!

    Congrats and what a wonderful SUPER buy!!
  8. It's coming from the Downtown Seattle rack. They told me it was originally $1,000+ and got reduced to $199. They told me nothing is wrong with the bag too.

    Well Chinese New Year was Thurs so maybe that's how I got lucky? I'm on cloud nine right now :yahoo::yahoo:
  9. WOW congrats!!! now thats what i call a steal!!

    enjoy your new stam :tup:
  10. omg awesome deal! you're sooooo lucky! happy chinese new year!
  11. That's great!! Happy new year!!!
  12. WOW!!! That's AWESOME!!! Congrats on an awesome score!!!
  13. WOW!!! i wonder if they'll have anymore! is charge-send where they send it to your house??
  14. Congrats! Great luck for the new year!
  15. Wow, that's an amazing score, alfie!! definitely post pics when you get her!