OMG OMG OMG I never thought selling on ebay would make me this happy!!

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  1. I just logged into my account to see that I finally had enough selling feedback to see how my buyers had rated me.

    I have 5 full stars for all 4 categories! :yahoo:

    Yay!!! :woohoo:

    I realise this is a little pathetic but it made me feel so happy! :yahoo:
  2. Hey, that is great! Definately something to be proud of, especially with a 5 in shipping!
  3. Congrats! All the best continued success!
  4. Congrats, that's great!
    Mine has been annoying me lately because I've done everything right and still have 4.9 in item as described, 4.9 in communication (someone dinged my stars recently because a few days ago I had 5), 4.8 in shipping time and 4.9 in shipping costs.
    Some I just don't get because I describe my items fully, email my buyers when I mail the item and ask that they let me know when they receive it, I ship items promptly (as in, no more than 2 days after the win but most often, the next day) and most of the time, I end up paying more for shipping out of my own pocket since I give a shipping discount.

    So you're VERY lucky to have perfect stars!
  5. Thanks everyone!

    I know that some buyers just give average results because they cant be bothered with anything else.

    That's why I was so pleasantly SHOCKED when I saw what I had been given.

    I could have just had the best buyers EVER though...
  6. The guy who sold me some Wusthof knives 9 days ago that still haven't arrived, despite his listing stating that he prides himself on super fast shipping is not getting anywhere near 5 stars from me!
  7. Good for you, bellacherie!:smile: Nice to see a positive comment about ebay these days!:smile:
  8. ^^I was thinking the same thing!