OMG OMG OMG I found the next MJ bag that I want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jun 21, 2006
Where the hell Have I been!!!! i AM IN LOVE again with this bag....the Silvana!!
Does anyone own one and have pics? I'm not into the stamps - but I love the quilted look - this bag seems perfect for me! It's the right size, it's quilted, the whole strap isn't chain - the top is leather and it looks beautiful!!!

Where can I find this bag on sale? I must find this bag soon! :love::love::drool:

eta: I really like Julianne too - is that one on sale anywhere?

Julianne or Silvana (I just searched hte Silvana - it actually seems pretty large in person and I"m not sure how it would look on a 5'4" gal)
the Julianne might be a better option actually....let me think LOL


May 6, 2006
^^Well, mine is in a different color - Slate. I plan on taking updated collection pics over my holiday break because I've asked for a new digital camera. So stay tuned! :smile: Plus I'm hoping to add another bag (or two!) with the next round of sales. :graucho:


Oct 31, 2007
hi lovekoobabags,
i just bought one this weekend.... mine is in brown. here are some pics. i am shorter than you (only 5 feet), and i think it doesn't look too big on me. i think the size is good, v. case you ever want to carry an extra cardigan or novel or whatever in this bag, it's definitely roomy enough :yes:

what colour do you want to get it in?


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& My Motos & Shoes!
Sep 13, 2006
I have the Silvana & I love it. I have so many satchels & dual strap bags that it's nice to have just a regular shoulder bag (that's all I used to buy!) The addtl leather pad on the chain strap makes the bag so easy to carry. I'm 5' tall & the bag doesn't overwhelm me. I like the quilted leather & the small padlock on the front. The only negative of the bag is that it's only one main section with only the slip pocket inside. I've managed to make it work, however, becuz the slip pocket is larger than I first thought (my cell phone fits w/room for other small things). Plus I added a small pouch to carry smaller items & things I want immediate access to. In addition, I bought the ZC in Teal, so my bag is fairly organized.

I don't have a pic of me carrying the bag, but there's one within this thread:

I'm really happy with mine and am so glad I found it!



& My Motos & Shoes!
Sep 13, 2006
OMG both of those are gorgeous!!!!!!!! That green is amazing!!

Thanks! Thats this Fall's Teal (I think the pics just a tad darker than it really is - all the pics I've seen online are too light). I also have the ZC in Teal, but I have no batteries in my camera & (for some reason), I can't get the pics off my phone!

The Teal is really a gorgeous shade of green and it has this amazing blue stitching which really makes the quilting "POP"!


Rattle and Hum
Aug 4, 2007
I am also eyeing on Silvana with same reasons!! Perfect size, a chain strap with leather shoulder part, and quilted lether.. everything is perfect to me.

I am 5.2 and a little bit skinny, and I tried Silvana at Nordi, and it was not big to me, so I guess it will look good on you too.
I like Silvana in black, :smile:but it is not on sale, so I am still waiting...
I guess I am going to buy it at full price if I cannot find it on sale until early next year...