OMG OMG OMG...I cannot BELIEVE I finally got one!

  1. I have been having the HARDEST time finding one of these at a decent price. I have been lusting after this forever and now I finally have one coming to me!! This is going to be the most awesome tote for Summer when we go on all of our vacations.

    The best part??? I won it off of eBay for 250.00!!!!!!! *These retail for 698.00 from what I have been told* I could not believe it! No one outbid me! :yahoo:Here are some pics of my beauty on the way home to me hopefully soon. I am in love....I hope my Large Sig Carly doesnt get too jealous..LOL:heart::wlae::drool:



  2. $698 fer real??? Wow - you did get a deal.
  3. I was looking for them on eBay too and didn't see any ending so cheaply....Good for you.
  4. Did you make sure it was real? i swear I remember seeing those same exact pics in the fake thread. Someone had asked about it.

    Not saying it is. But you might want to post it in the Authentication thread just to see what they say...

    It's really cute though! And if it is real it's a great deal!
  5. What's the name of the bag? Does anyone know?
  6. Resort Tote I think, not sure.
  7. Hi. from what I can tell the seller heart mentioned did not sell hers yet (none in completed).

    OP, Me thinks you got taken. Did you pay yet??? If not, ask the seller for photos of the interior.

    Last week, an ebayer had contacted me about an ali. The seller hadn't posted interior photos. he sent them to her - the bag was a fake. Luckily she hadn't bid yet.
  8. Yeah I looked in teh completed listings under Coach Resrt Tote and saw none that ended for $250?
  9. Cute bag! Congrats on getting such a great deal on it. :smile:
  10. I really hope it's real. I can't bring it up on drilldown for you though. Good luck, and if you pay just make sure it is with a cc.
  11. Please don't pay. You can pm me & I will authenticate it for you before you pay. You MUST have photos of the interior (not stolen ones either). Or give me the auction number.

    You did not do an off eBay with it did you? That's what the seller wanted to do with the ali the girl asked me about last week.
  12. Here is a fake one...I hope your is real. Your pictures do look different from this one. I'm keeping my fingers cross for you.

    Sorry had to edit link from ebay...PM me and I will send you link.
  13. Yes, I am pretty sure they are identical photos. Which means someone stole photos.