OMG OMG OMG! Guess what!!!!

  1. I won a radio contest today, and tomorrow I get to have lunch with...JAHEIM!

    :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    I'm sooooooo excited! But I'm so nervous! What to wear? What to do with my hair? What purse to carry? What color eye shadow to put on? Oh! I'm so nervous and excited! LOL. This is the biggest thing to happen to me in a LONG time...
  2. Who is Jaheim??????
  3. Lol... I have never heard of the person before, but I clicked on the link you provided. He's easy on the eyes, esp. in that pink shirt photo...
  4. LOL...when I told my mom she had the same reaction. "Who is that?" He's big in R&B circles! A very good singer, and he um...looks GOOD. I can hardly contain myself! He's two years younger than me, but I can still drool! LOL. I promised the BF I wouldn't try to get with him.

  5. who is that? lol
  6. Okay where are the other Jaheim fans? LOL...
  7. ok, I'm not a fan, but I do know who he is. He sings R&B. His face is so-so but yes he has a hot body!!

    wear a dress... easy access. lol
  8. LMAO! :::dead:::

  9. I know who he is. That's fabulous. Have a great time! You have to take pics.
  10. LORD HAVE MERCY girl! I know who he is;). Will there be other people there? If not, get him to sing to you and try not to pass out in the floor. You're lucky. The only thing I've ever won on the radio is tickets to some dumb movie with Tisha Campbell about 10 years ago. I didn't even pick up the tickets.

    HAVE FUN! And wear something sexy!:nuts:
  11. I sure will, and thanks for the well wishes!

    The drawing was for four winners, so there will be me and three other ladies. LOL...I doubt if any men even called in to enter into the contest...but I'm so excited! When the deejay called to tell me I won, she said that she wasn't certain he'll sing, but since he is about to drop a new album, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he might! I'm still running around like crazy, trying to decide if I should wear something from my closet or go and buy something. LOL. I have these killer boots that will probably go with anything, so I'll probably wear them, that's the only decision I've made about it so far!

    I'll do my best to take and post pics!
  12. wear a reliable knock out outfit:yes:

    congrats girl and make the most out of this, in whatever manner lolz
  13. Now, that is advice that can be utilized for many an occasion, lol! :lol::p
  14. Wow! That's so cool! I had never heard of Jaheim either, but you obviously have and it must be a dream come true to have lunch with him. Congrats!
  15. Okay, I've ransacked my closets and I've come to a decision: I'm wearing this cute little black and red party-type (not to dressy or formal) dress that I was GONNA save for Christmas, but...I will have to find something else for Christmas. I know I'll wear my boots, and I've already practiced my makeup...LOL yes, I have way too much free time on my hands. As for my hair, I could scream and pull it all out in frustration! I don't know whether to wear it curly, straight, up, down, or all of the above!

    It doesn't help that I keep going around the house giggling like a little schoolgirl. I've been totally absent minded. For thirty minutes I thought I'd been heating up supper, but I had turned neither the stove nor the oven on. Then when I realized my mistake as my BF prepared to dish up cold food, I just had a fit of giggles. My BF has been watching me run from room to room trying on clothes and he's been giving me odd looks for hours. Heh.